Dune 3.16.0

We're happy to announce the release of Dune 3.16.0.

Among the list of chances, this release contains improvements to Melange support and a way to look for references in a whole project using Merlin and OCaml LSP.

See full changelog


  • Allow libraries with the same (name ..) in projects as long as they don't conflict during resolution (via enabled_if). (#10307, @anmonteiro, @jchavarri)

  • dune describe pp now finds the exact module and the stanza it belongs to, instead of guessing the name of the preprocessed file. (#10321, @anmonteiro)

  • Print the result of dune describe pp with the respective dialect printer. (#10322, @anmonteiro)

  • Add new flag --context to dune ocaml-merlin, which allows to select a Dune context when requesting Merlin config. Add dune describe contexts subcommand. Introduce a field generate_merlin_rules for contexts declared in the workspace, that allows to optionally produce Merlin rules for other contexts besides the one selected for Merlin (#10324, @jchavarri)

  • Melange: add include paths for private library .cmj files during JS emission. (#10416, @anmonteiro)

  • dune ocaml-merlin: communicate additional directives SOURCE_ROOT, UNIT_NAME (the actual name with wrapping) and INDEX with the paths to the index(es). (#10422, @voodoos)

  • Add a new alias @ocaml-index that uses the ocaml-index binary to generate indexes that can be read by tools such as Merlin to provide project-wide references search. (#10422, @voodoos)

  • Merlin: add optional (merlin_reader CMD) construct to (dialect) stanza to configure a Merlin reader (#8567, @andreypopp)


  • Melange: treat private libraries with (package ..) as public libraries, fixing an issue where import paths were wrongly emitted. (#10415, @anmonteiro)

  • Install .glob files for Coq theories too (#10602, @ejgallego)


  • Don't try to document nonexistent libraries in doc-new target (#10319, fixes #10056, @jonludlam)

  • Make dune-site's load_all function look for META files so that it doesn't fail on empty directories in the plugin directory (#10458, fixes #10457, @shym)

  • Fix incorrect warning for libraries defined inside nonexistant directories using (subdir ..) and used by executables using dune-build-info (#10525, @rgrinberg)

  • Don't try to take build lock when running coq top --no-build (#10547, fixes #7671, @lzy0505)

  • Make sure to truncate Dune's lock file after locking and unlocking so that users cannot observe incorrect PID's (#10575, @rgrinberg)

  • MDX: link MDX binary with byte_complete. This fixes (libraries) with foreign archives on Linux. (#10586, fixes #10582, @anmonteiro)

  • Virtual libraries: fix an issue where linking an executable involving several virtual libries would cause an error. (#10581, fixes #10460, @rgrinberg)