The OCaml Platform

The OCaml Platform represents the best way for developers, both new and old, to write software in OCaml. It combines the core OCaml compiler with a coherent set of tools, documentation, libraries, and testing resources.

The recommended and detailed instructions to install OCaml and the Platform tools are available in Get Up and Running With OCaml. If you want to use the simpler, but experimental way to install the Platform, you can use the OCaml Platform Installer. To download it, run:

bash < <(curl -sL

And run it to install the Platform tools in your opam switch:


For detailed instructions, check: Get Up and Running with the Platform Installer .

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OCaml Workshop 2020

State of the OCaml Platform 2020

Presented by 
Anil Madhavapeddy
University of Cambridge

State of the OCaml Platform

Each platform element lives at a different point in the lifecycle of a Platform tool


New tools that fill a gap in the ecosystem but are not quite ready for wide-scale release and adoption.


Tools that will not likely see any major feature added but can be used reliably even if not being actively developed.