Falling back to pre-odoc.2.2.0 documentation page...
  • Support --block-sector-size (solo5 0.7.4) (#134 @hannesm @reynir)

  • Invert communication between albatross-stats and albatross-daemon (#131 #133 @hannesm @reynir)

  • Cleanups (avoid catch-all, remove migrate_name support, #130 @hannesm)

  • Add minimal support for macOS (#128 @samoht)

  • Upgrade to http-lwt-client 0.2.0 (#127 @hannesm)

  • Remove unnecessary includes (#126 @reynir)

v1.5.2 (2022-10-25)

  • BUGFIX policy (vmm_resources): when inserting a policy, check policies above,
    but not the same one (@hannesm)

  • tls-endpoint: listen on systemd socket, add systemd example (#119 @Julow

  • albatross-stats systemd service: allow AF_NETLINK to gather network interface
    statistics (@reynir)

  • BUGFIX albatross-stats: use if_nametoindex, simplify code (#125 @dinosaure
    @reynir @hannesm)

  • Add deployment scripts for nixos (#120 @Julow)

v1.5.1 (2022-08-31)

  • Albatross_influx: drop leading ':' if path should be dropped (#114 @hannesm)

  • FreeBSD packaging: rename albatross_stat to albatross_stats (#113 @hannesm)

  • Refactor albatross BHyve stat collection (to avoid exception in List.combine)
    (#116 @reynir @hannesm)

  • Albatross-client-update: adapt URLs to current builder-web deployment (#117

  • Albatross-client: allow passing a mac address explicitly to create for each
    network interface (#107 @reynir)

v1.5.0 (2022-05-16)

  • Revise Name.t to use ':' as path separation, and allow '.' in labels.
    Previously the path was built by the common name in the X.509 certificate
    chain and the leaf certificate was appended (i.e. chain certificate "foo",
    chain certificate "bar", leaf certificate "my.unikernel" lead to the name
    "foo.bar.my.unikernel" -- and chain certificate "foo", leaf "bar.my.unikernel"
    lead to the identical name). Since the holder of the certificate and private
    key "foo" could issue at any point another intermediate certificate for "bar",
    this is not security critical -- but for resource management this was
    confusing and lead to some issues (policy could be violated).
    Now, the path separator is ':' (i.e. "foo:bar:my.unikernel" and
    In addition, various test cases have been added, for vmm_trie, vmm_resources
    and also for old and new wire versions (albatross daemon state, command
    execution) to ensure that old clients continue to work with new server
    components. The wire version has been bumped to WV5, since the Name.t encoding
    was changed. (#111, @hannesm @reynir)

  • systemd: fifo are created by albatross_daemon (not albatross_console) (#106,

  • systemd: cleanup, use group albatross, (#108, fixes #105, @reynir)

  • documentation: remove solo5-elftool requirement -- since 1.4.0
    ocaml-solo5-elftool is used (#109 @hannesm)

  • CI execute tests (#112, @hannesm)

  • fix URL to builder-web (https://builds.robur.coop) which dropped the
    opam-switch postfix in the URL (#113 @hannesm)

  • albatross-client-local, albatross-client-bistro: support remote (socket/host)
    '-' to output the command as hexdump (PEM file) on standard output (@hannesm)

v1.4.3 (2022-03-15)

  • Debian packaging: set architecture to DEB_TARGET_ARCH (@reynir)

  • FreeBSD packaging: normalize version number (. instead of -) (@hannesm)

  • Add systemd service script for albatross_influx (@hannesm)

  • Update to cmdliner 1.1.0 (#104 @hannesm)

  • Support IPv6 in daemon (albatross_tls_endpoint) and influx (#104 @hannesm)

v1.4.2 (2022-02-04)

  • fix issues "use OCaml solo5-elftool instead of binary" where the compressed
    unikernel image was passed to the tool (if albatross-provision-request was
    used, and in albatross-daemon) (#101 by @palainp, fixed in #102 by @hannesm)

v1.4.1 (2022-01-31)

  • Debian packaging fix typo in lib_exec_dir (create_package.sh, #100 @dinosaure)

v1.4.0 (2022-01-28)

  • albatross-provision-ca: support signing of server certificates

  • use solo5-elftool (developed in OCaml) instead of binary, avoids solo5
    dependency for albatross-client-* (#94 @reynir, fixes #93), removes jsonm

  • albatross-influx: reconnect TCP to influx (telegraf) host (#97 @hannesm,
    fixes #69)

  • by default, do not print argv in unikernel_info (and pp_wire). only if the
    logging level is verbose (#96 @hannesm, fixes @92)

  • avoid file descriptor leak on Linux in albatross-stats when reading
    /proc//status (#99 @hannesm)

  • remove astring dependency (#99 @hannesm)

  • Debian packaging

    • install metadata and service scripts with 0644 permissions (@reynir)

    • postinst: do not use sudo (@reynir)

    • postinst: set ownerhip of /var/lib/albatross and /var/lib/albatross/block
      to $ALBATROSS_USER (@reynir)

    • postinst: create group and user only if they do not exist yet (@reynir)

    • install daemons into /usr/libexec/albatross to avoid accidental invocation
      (@hannesm #95, fixes #91)

    • add network.target and NetworkManager-wait-online.service to dependencies
      of albatross_daemon to ensure bridges already exists (#98 @reynir,
      fixes #90)

v1.3.1 (2021-10-30)

  • Linux: install binaries into /usr/sbin, adjust systemd scripts
    (#89 by @reynir, fixed by @hannesm)

  • remove rresult dependency (@hannesm)

  • remove deprecated Fmt functions (@dinosaure)

v1.3.0 (2021-09-14)

  • provide arguments for public-key-type and bits, the default is now
    Ed25519 (used to be RSA) (@hannesm)

  • use happy-eyeballs for name resolution and connection setup (@hannesm)

  • converge albatross-client-* semantics (@hannesm)

  • Implement block_set and block_dump subcommands, also block_add is extended
    to include the block device data (@hannesm, inspired by @dinosaure)

  • Implement update subcommand for albatross-client-{local,bistro}, which
    (a) retrieves the digest of a running unikernel (b) looks up that hash
    on http://builds.robur.coop (a repository of reproducible built unikernels)
    (c) does a unikernel update (with same arguments and configuration)
    (@reynir @hannesm)

  • Debian and FreeBSD packaging via orb, available on https://builds.robur.coop
    (#80 @hannesm @reynir)

  • Linux: add albatross user and group, as done on FreeBSD (#79 #81 @dinosaure)

  • Fixes to README (#78 @yomimono)

v1.2.0 (2021-06-08)

  • linux packaging albatross_stat -> albatross_stats (#73 @smorimoto)

  • albatross_stats: report runtime in microseconds on linux (#74 @hannesm)

  • use metrics-rusage for albatross processes (to report host system usage)
    (#76 @hannesm)

  • remove albatross_log, instead log to stdandard output (#75 @hannesm)

v1.1.1 (2021-04-23)

  • upgrade to decompress 1.3 (#71 @dinosaure)

  • upgrade to x509 0.13.0 (#72 @hannesm)

v1.1.0 (2021-01-25)

  • fix and improve block device handling (#67 @hannesm)

  • unikernel_info now includes a SHA256 digest of the unikernel image (fixes #61,
    #64 @hannesm)

  • unikernel_get returns only the image, and a boolean value whether it is
    compressed or not (#64 @hannesm)

  • allow naming of block devices (#64 @hannesm) similar to network devices

  • albatrossd: wait 3 seconds between socket connection retries, default to 2
    retries (previously was 0) (#64 @hannesm)

  • infer dbdir and tmpdir from uname before processing (#60 @hannesm)

  • statistics: adapt to FreeBSD 13 (#62 @sg2342)

  • use binaries with '-' instead of '_' in FreeBSD packaging (to be the same as
    on Linux)

  • extend PATH with /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/sbin in FreeBSD RC scripts,
    allowing solo5 utilities installed in PATH (#64 @hannesm)

  • use latest version of decompress (>= 1.2.0 #68 @dinosaure)

  • add test for ASN grammar (#65 @reynir)

v1.0.1 (2020-12-02)

  • Use the conf-libnl3 opam package on Linux (created by @reynir, #57 @hannesm)

  • Avoid using sysctl.h on Linux (#58 @reynir @kit-ty-kate)

v1.0.0 (2020-12-01)

Initial release