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Virtual package containing optional JavaScript dependencies for Alcotest






1.5.0 (2021-10-09)

  • Make Alcotest compatible with js_of_ocaml.3.11.0. Users can depend on the
    new virtual alcotest-js Opam library to pick up the right js_of_ocaml
    version automatically. (#326 #328, @hhugo @smorimoto)

  • Record exception backtraces during test suite runs by default. This behaviour
    can be disabled by passing ~record_backtrace:false to (#317,

  • Generate shorter unique identifiers for test runs (8-character alphanumeric,
    rather than a full 128-bit UUID). (#304, @CraigFe)

  • Change Alcotest.{char,string} pretty-printers to use OCaml syntax on
    assertion failures (i.e. wrap with quotes and escape control characters).
    (#318, @CraigFe)

  • Fix process for getting the width of attached terminals on MacOS.
    Previously, a terminal width of 80 columns was assumed. (#325, @CraigFe)

  • Fix parsing of test filter ranges to allow '-' separators (e.g. test alpha 1-4), as advertised in the manpage. The previously-used '..' separator is
    also supported. (#312, @CraigFe)

  • Introduce an Alcotest.V1 module that aliases the existing Alcotest API and
    provides a stability guarantee over major version changes. Similar versioned
    aliases also exist for the backends: Alcotest_{async,lwt}.V1. (#306,

  • Change the ~filter argument to to be a predicate over tests.
    (#305, @CraigFe)

  • Renamed / removed some less frequently used modules used by the test backends:

    • Alcotest.Unix -> Alcotest.Unix_platform

    • Alcotest_engine.{Cli,Core,Test} -> Alcotest_engine.V1.{Cli,Core,Test}

    • Alcotest.{Cli,Core} are now gone. Use Alcotest_engine.V1.{Cli,Core}.Make (Alcotest.Unix_platform) instead.
      (#306 #309, @CraigFe)

  • Avoid exporting list_tests in the main test APIs (Alcotest{,_lwt,_async}).
    Use Alcotest_engine directly if you want this function. (#310, @CraigFe)

1.4.0 (2021-04-15)

  • Add ?here and ?pos arguments to the test assertion functions. These can be
    used to pass information about the location of the call-site, which is
    displayed in failing test output. (#291, @CraigFe)

  • Add a pretty-printer for the exception raised by Alcotest.check and related
    functions. This allows them to be used outside of an Alcotest test runner for
    making general assertions. (#296, @CraigFe)

  • Add --bail option (and corresponding ALCOTEST_BAIL environment variable),
    which causes Alcotest to terminate after the first test failure. (#298,

1.3.0 (2021-02-16)

  • Add Alcotest.triple for testing 3-tuples. (#288, @sheepduke)

  • Correctly report test suite duration with millisecond precision. (#286,

  • Improve pretty-printing of results to consider the terminal width, fixing
    several display issues due to line wrapping in small terminals. (#282,

1.2.3 (2020-09-07)

  • Require Dune 2.2. (#274, @CraigFe)

  • Fix a bug in the handling of the ~and_exit:false option when the test suite
    fails. (#271, @CraigFe)

1.2.2 (2020-08-26)

  • Fail gracefully when the user supplies an empty suite name. (#265, @CraigFe)

  • Fix compatibility with fmt.0.8.8+dune by adding a missing fmt dependency
    in alcotest's dune file (#266, @NathanReb)

  • Only show "in progress" lines when writing to a TTY. (#267, @CraigFe)

1.2.1 (2020-07-15)

  • Surround pretty-printed diffs with quotes to make trailing whitespace more
    obvious. (#261, @CraigFe)

  • Allow . characters to appear unescaped in symlinks and test directories.
    (#259, @CraigFe)

1.2.0 (2020-07-13)

  • Add an alcotest-mirage package, allowing the construction of MirageOS
    unikernels that run Alcotest test suites. (#238, @hannesm @linse)

  • Add Alcotest.check', a variant of Alcotest.check with labeled arguments.
    (#239, @hartmut27)

  • Add a testable for the bytes type. (#253, @mefyl)

  • Many assorted improvements to Alcotest output formatting. (#246, @CraigFe)

  • Default to --color=always when running inside Dune (#242, @CraigFe). The
    value can be overridden by setting the ALCOTEST_COLOR variable in a dune
    file, for example:

   (ALCOTEST_COLOR auto))))
  • Support all UTF-8 characters in test names and suite names, by normalising
    them for file-system interactions. (#249, @gs0510; #246, @CraigFe)

  • Fix various crashes when using non-filesystem-safe characters in test suite
    names (these break Alcotest when attempting to generate a corresponding log
    file). (#241, @mefyl; #246 @CraigFe)

1.1.0 (2020-04-03)

  • Fix handling of CLI options for Alcotest_{async,lwt}.run. (#222, @CraigFe)

  • Fix interleaving of ASSERT outputs with the other test code, and ensure that
    it is correctly captured in log files. (#215 #228, @icristescu @CraigFe)

  • Don't raise Test_exception on Cmdliner parse failure (#234, @CraigFe)

1.0.1 (2020-02-12)

  • Add support for an ALCOTEST_COLOR={auto,always,never} environment variable
    to control the colorization of terminal output. (#209, @mjambon)

  • Fix handling of exceptions in Alcotest_{async,lwt}. (#212, @CraigFe

1.0.0 (2020-01-14)

  • Require OCaml 4.03. (#159, @hannesm)

  • Change Alcotest_{async,lwt}.test_case to return monadic values. These must
    be run with the new Alcotest_{async,lwt}.run functions. See
    for an example of the new API. (#167, @CraigFe)

  • Add generation of latest symlinks in the _test directory which point to
    the most recent test output directory. (#155, @cfcs)

  • Allow all CLI options to be passed directly to Alcotest.{run,run_with_args}
    without use of the argv parameter. (#182, @CraigFe)

  • Add --compact option for more concise result reporting. (#149,

  • Add --tail-errors option for limiting the size of error logs printed to
    standard output. (#200, @mjambon)

  • Add support for executing subsets of tests via the test subcommand. (#158,

  • Change the float check to include equality of isNaN and infinities. See
    for demonstrations of the new semantics. (#152, @psafont)

  • Reject test suites with colliding output directories. (#176, @CraigFe)

  • Restrict the set of characters allowed in test names to alphanumerics,
    hyphens, underscores and spaces. (#161, @CraigFe)

  • Fix a race condition on creating output directories. (#150, @edwintorok)

  • Report test suite durations in real time rather than system time. (#162,

  • Improve documentation of the ?argv parameter. (#164, @ian-barnes)

  • Remove version number from test binary help pages. (#186, @CraigFe)

  • Remove dependency on tput. (#189, @samoht)

  • Remove result dependency. (#159, @hannesm)

  • Remove uses of deprecated (#173, @CraigFe)

0.8.5 (2018-12-11)

  • Port build to Dune from jbuilder (#139 @samoht)

  • Fix output path on Windows/Cygwin (#141 @kkirstein)

  • Switch opam metadata to 2.0 format (#144 @samoht)

  • Add nice screenshots to the README (#143 @rizo)

  • Fix ocamldoc headings to work with odoc (#145 @avsm)

  • Do not test on Debian-unstable, add Fedora (#145 @avsm)

0.8.4 (2018-10-17)

  • Improve documentation for speed and tests (#129, @raphael-proust)

  • Improve documentation on test case filtering and flush error formatter on exit
    (#133, @edwintorok)

  • Create a fresh log sub-dir for every run (#125, @m-harrison)

  • Fix wrong location hint for test files when using dune (#135, @m-harrison)

0.8.3 (2018-03-25)

  • Show one failure when multiple tests fail (#117, @aantron)

0.8.2 (2017-08-21)

  • add Async support: there is a new alcotest-async package containing
    an Alcotest_async module (#104, @rgrinberg)

0.8.1 (2017-08-03)

  • Add failf (#105, @hcarty)

  • Relax the float combinator to compare its epsilon using <= instead
    of <. This allows to use float 0. for "exact" float comparison
    (#107, @samoht, @talex5)

  • Fix outdated displayed information when using --verbose.
    Be clearer that no new output logs are actually created and
    do not try to display outdated information (#108, @samoht)

0.8.0 (2017-06-22)

  • Format "got" and "expected" values in the same way (#86, @talex5)

  • Change the float combinator to take a mandatory 'epsilon' parameter
    (#89, @superbobry)

  • Switch to jbuilder (#92, @rgrinberg)

  • Add a test_case function (#94, @samoht)

  • Add an alcotest-lwt package, containing an Alcotet_lwt module with
    an Alcotest_lwt.test_case function to better deal with lwt tests
    (#94, @talex5, @samoht)

  • Add Alcotest.neg to negate test results (#95, @samoht)

  • Change the test_case type from unit -> unit to 'a -> unit. The 'a
    parameter can be built using as a Cmdliner term using the new
    run_with_args function. This is useful to configure the tests using the CLI
    (#96, @samoht)

0.7.2 (2016-11-10)

  • Clean up handling of env variables (#83, @samoht)

0.7.1 (2016-11-03)

  • Store tests output to _build/_tests by default (#77, @pqwy)

0.7.0 (2016-10-25)

  • Add a unit testable (useful for functions with side-effects) (#79, @avsm)

  • Add a testable combinator to easily build 'a testable values (#75, @pqwy)

  • Add pp and equal to extract the pretty-printer and equality functions
    from an 'a testable (#75, @pqwy)

  • Add an array testable (#75, @pqwy)

0.6.0 (2016-06-28)

  • Add int32,int64,float testables (#71, @hcarty)

0.5.0 (2016-06-27)

  • Use topkg (#68, @samoht)

  • Add Alcotest.reject to always fail tests (#64, @talex5)

  • Fix pretty-printing of Alcotest.list (#53, #65, @talex5)

  • Add an argv optional argument to run to use custom command-line arguments
    (#63, @dinosaure)

  • Fix typo in JSON output (#67, @fxfactorial)

  • Use Astring for the unit tests (#62, @hannesm)

0.4.11 (2016-05-11)

  • Fix regression introduced in 0.4.8 about alignment of [ERROR] (#60, @samoht)

0.4.10 (2016-05-03)

  • Fix support for 4.03 (#58, by @hannesm)

0.4.9 (2016-02-25)

  • Add Alcotest.pass a testable combinator which always pass (#50, @seliopou)

  • Fix index out of bounds for empty test doc string (#51, @dariusf)

  • Display the log directory (@samoht)

  • Add missing newline in display header (#53, #54, @samoht)

  • Add a --color flag to tweak color usage on the command-line and use Fmt
    (#52, #55, @samoht)

0.4.8 (2016-03-12)

  • Fix check_raises (#48, by @yallop)

  • Use Astring (this drops support for 4.00) (@samoht)

  • Simplify the build system (@samoht)

0.4.7 (2016-02-22)

  • Minimal fix to ensure windows support (#46, by @samoht)

0.4.6 (2015-12-29)

  • Add missing newline to verbose output (#36, by @seliopou)

  • Result: add Result.result combinator (#37, by @seliopou)

  • When redirecting stdout/stderr, use a single fd to share the seek offset
    (#39, by @dsheets)

  • If redirecting output, print error results as well (#39, by @dsheets)

0.4.5 (2015-09.16)

  • Add boolean assert: Alcotest.bool (#33, by @zjhmale)

  • Add sorted list assert: Alcotest.slist (#34, by @samoht)

  • Add pair assert: Alcotest.pair (#34, by @samoht)

  • Add simple assert, built using and a pretty-printing
    function: Alcotest.of_pp (#34, by @samoht)

0.4.4 (2015-07-31)

  • Fix of the format of log filenames

  • Fix a regression in 0.4.* which were hiding error messages when using wrong
    command-line arguments

0.4.3 (2015-07-22)

  • Flush formatter for Alcotest.check (#27, by @edwintorok)

  • Handle UTF8 for test documentation strings (#5)

0.4.2 (2015-07-03)

  • Improve the result outputs

0.4.1 (2015-07-03)

  • Fix regression introduced in 0.4.0: display the error if there is only
    one error

  • Add a testable combinator for options.

0.4.0 (2015-06-29)

  • Simplify the use of the library by removing global states -- now calling
    the run function multiple times is much more consistent.

  • Remove the direct dependency to OUnit. Programs using OUnit and Alcotest
    should continue to work.

  • Add a TESTABLE signature and a check function to check invariants in
    the tested libraries.

0.3.3 (2015-06-19)

  • Control --show-errors using the ALCOTEST_SHOW_ERRORS env variable (#9)

  • Add an and_exit optional argument to to control
    the exit behavior of the main test function (#4)

  • Fix the output of --version

  • Add a --json argument to show the test results as a JSON object
    (#14, by @eowzukw)

  • Expose Alcotest.result to turn a test into a result

0.3.2: (2015-06-08)

  • Do not fail if the output file does not exist

  • Add a simple example (#10, by @leowzukw)

  • Add a logo (#12, by @leowzukw)

0.3.1 (2015-04-18)

  • Fix OCaml 4.01.0 and earlier support (regressed in 0.3.0).

  • Add Travis CI tests.

0.3.0 (2015-04-13)

  • Fix backtrace handling (#2 by @dsheets)

  • Use Bytes module instead of String

0.2.0 (2012-12-19)

  • Fix issues with redirections

  • Display the full errors when only one test is selected

0.1.0 (2012-12-12)

  • Initial release