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Argument types.

type 'a t = 'a Arg_type.t

The type of a command line argument.

val create : ?complete: ( Core_kernel.Univ_map.t -> part:Base.String.t -> Base.String.t Base.List.t ) -> ?key:'a Core_kernel.Univ_map.Multi.Key.t -> ( Base.String.t -> 'a ) -> 'a t

An argument type includes information about how to parse values of that type from the command line, and (optionally) how to autocomplete partial arguments of that type via bash's programmable tab-completion. In addition to the argument prefix, autocompletion also has access to any previously parsed arguments in the form of a heterogeneous map into which previously parsed arguments may register themselves by providing a Univ_map.Key using the ~key argument to create.

If the of_string function raises an exception, command line parsing will be aborted and the exception propagated up to top-level and printed along with command-line help.

val map : ?key:'b Core_kernel.Univ_map.Multi.Key.t -> 'a t -> f:( 'a -> 'b ) -> 'b t

Transforms the result of a t using f.

An auto-completing Arg_type over a finite set of values.

val of_alist_exn : ?key:'a Core_kernel.Univ_map.Multi.Key.t -> (Base.String.t * 'a) Base.List.t -> 'a t

Convenience wrapper for of_map. Raises on duplicate keys.

val comma_separated : ?allow_empty:Base.Bool.t -> ?key:'a Base.List.t Core_kernel.Univ_map.Multi.Key.t -> ?strip_whitespace:Base.Bool.t -> ?unique_values:Base.Bool.t -> 'a t -> 'a Base.List.t t

comma_separated t accepts comma-separated lists of arguments parsed by t.

If strip_whitespace = true, whitespace is stripped from each comma-separated string before it is parsed by t.

If allow_empty = true then the empty string (or just whitespace, if strip_whitespace = true) results in an empty list, and if allow_empty = false then the empty string will fail to parse.

If unique_values = true no autocompletion will be offered for arguments already supplied in the fragment to complete.

module Export : sig ... end

Values to include in other namespaces.