Platform-independent core of Async RPC library
type t

A directory of supported rpc names and versions.

val add : 's Rpc.Implementation.t list -> 's Rpc.Implementation.t list

add impls extends a list of rpc implementations with an additional rpc implementation for providing a Menu.t when one is requested via Menu.request.

val implement_multi : ?log_not_previously_seen_version:( name:string -> int -> unit ) -> ( 's -> version:int -> unit -> Rpc.Description.t list Async_kernel.Deferred.t ) -> 's Rpc.Implementation.t list

Specifies directly how to handle the version menu rpc.

Requests an rpc version menu from an rpc connection.

val supported_rpcs : t -> Rpc.Description.t list

Finds what rpcs are supported.

val supported_versions : t -> rpc_name:string -> Core_kernel.Int.Set.t

Finds what versions of a particular rpc are supported.

val create : Rpc.Description.t list -> t

Creates a menu directly -- generally you should use request instead.

val rpc_name : string

The internal name of this RPC -- for example to be used in Rpc.Expert to distinguish it from other queries.