Platform-independent core of Async RPC library
module Menu : sig ... end

Over-the-network discovery of rpc names and versions supported by a callee.

module Connection_with_menu : sig ... end
module Versioned_direct_stream_writer : sig ... end

A Versioned_direct_stream_writer.t is an extension of an Rpc.Direct_stream_writer. @see Rpc.Pipe_rpc.Direct_stream_writer for documentation.

module Caller_converts : sig ... end
module Callee_converts : sig ... end
module Both_convert : sig ... end

Both_convert rpcs combine features of both caller-converts and callee-converts versioning schemes in such a way that one can smoothly add a new version of the rpc to a shared library, and it doesn't matter whether the callee or caller upgrades to the latest version of the shared library first, the new version will not be exercised until both sides support it.