GUI library for ocaml, with animations, based on SDL2
Library bogue
Module Bogue . Trigger
Dependency graph

SDL events

val text_input : t

Same as Tsdl.Sdl.Event.text_input

val key_down : t

Same as Tsdl.Sdl.Event.key_down

val key_up : t

Same as Tsdl.Sdl.Event.key_up

Special Bogue events

val startup : t

The startup event is sent to all Widgets when the Bogue mainloop is started using

val mouse_enter : t

The mouse_enter event is triggered when the pointer (mouse motion, or finger touch -- but not finger drag) enters a new layout.

val mouse_leave : t

Similar to mouse_enter, when the pointer leaves the layout.

val mouse_at_rest : t

Triggered when the mouse did not move for a while.

val var_changed : t

The var_changed event can be sent to notify that some widget made a change to a global variable.

val update : t

Currently the update event is more or less equivalent to var_changed. This might change in future versions.

val user_event : t

Same as Tsdl.Sdl.Event.user_event. This special event of type SDL_UserEvent can trigger a global reaction, not associated with any widget in particular, through the on_user_event parameter of Main.create

val buttons_down : t list

A list of events containing the mouse_button_down event, and the finger_down event.

val buttons_up : t list

A list of events containing the mouse_button_up event, and the finger_up event.

val pointer_motion : t list

A list of events containing the mouse_motion event, and the finger_motion event.

Using events for terminating threads

val should_exit : Tsdl.Sdl.event -> bool

Tell if the current thread should exit. This should only be called within a widget action. The event should be the event passed to the action function. A well programmed action should check this event to decide if it should exit.

val will_exit : Tsdl.Sdl.event -> unit

A nice thread should do this just before terminating. May be suppressed in future versions.

val nice_delay : Tsdl.Sdl.event -> float -> unit

nice_delay ev t Wait during a delay (t seconds), but quit anyway when should_exit ev is true.

val push_quit : unit -> unit

Send the SDL_QUIT event, as if the user clicked on the close button of the last existing window. It will in principle raise the Main.Exit exception and hence exit the mainloop.

val wait_for : ?timeout:float -> ?ev:Tsdl.Sdl.event -> ( unit -> bool ) -> unit

SDL Misc

SDL events

type sdl_event = [
| `App_did_enter_background
| `App_did_enter_foreground
| `App_low_memory
| `App_terminating
| `App_will_enter_background
| `App_will_enter_foreground
| `Clipboard_update
| `Controller_axis_motion
| `Controller_button_down
| `Controller_button_up
| `Controller_device_added
| `Controller_device_remapped
| `Controller_device_removed
| `Dollar_gesture
| `Dollar_record
| `Drop_file
| `Finger_down
| `Finger_motion
| `Finger_up
| `Joy_axis_motion
| `Joy_ball_motion
| `Joy_button_down
| `Joy_button_up
| `Joy_device_added
| `Joy_device_removed
| `Joy_hat_motion
| `Key_down
| `Key_up
| `Mouse_button_down
| `Mouse_button_up
| `Mouse_motion
| `Mouse_wheel
| `Multi_gesture
| `Quit
| `Sys_wm_event
| `Text_editing
| `Text_input
| `Unknown of int
| `User_event
| `Window_event
| `Display_event
| `Sensor_update
type bogue_event = [
| `Bogue_startup
| `Bogue_stop
| `Bogue_stopped
| `Bogue_mouse_at_rest
| `Bogue_mouse_enter
| `Bogue_mouse_leave
| `Bogue_var_changed
| `Bogue_keyboard_focus
| `Bogue_mouse_focus
| `Bogue_remove_layout
| `Bogue_destroy_window
| `Bogue_update
| `Bogue_sync_action
| `Bogue_redraw
val event_kind : Tsdl.Sdl.event -> [ sdl_event | bogue_event ]

Union of sdl_event and bogue_event