Library for writing IRC bots in OCaml and a collection of plugins
  • refactor: use curly for the web plugin

  • refactor: use irc-client-lwt-ssl instead of tls

  • chore: make examples/tools native only

  • fix prefix1-full

  • feat: redis interface

  • make calculon-extra non-optional


  • refactor: pass prefix during matching, not at command creation

  • test: use mdx, update readme to compile again

  • chore: bump minimal OCaml version to 4.03

  • refactor and fix help command

  • chore: move to dune, including for demo bot

  • update documentation

  • add travis-ci

  • migrate opam file to opam 2.0

  • update doc of cmd_help, of_cmd, of_cmds

  • add custom prefix for commands

  • add command prefix in the description

  • TLS client cert support