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PostgreSQL driver for Caqti based on C bindings






v1.2.0 - 2019-10-02

  • Add a signature for the populate function, and add basic implementations
    for all drivers (GPR#28).

  • Add stream for result extraction (GPR#22 Nathan Rebours).

  • Use the postgres driver when postgres is specified as the URL scheme
    (GPR#25 James Owen).

  • Documentation improvements (GPR#20 Nathan Rebours, etc.).

  • Reimplemented partly ineffective prepare-cache for PostgreSQL.

  • Backwards incompatible changes to the driver API.

  • Backwards incompatible changes to modules marked internal but exposed due
    to being split across packages.

  • Fix forward compatibility past OCaml 4.08 as announced by deprecations.

v1.1.0 - 2019-02-03

  • Add pretty printer for requests.

  • Add variance to 'a future declarations.

  • Add blocking instance of API.

  • Generalize $. to $<var>. in queries.

  • Infer the expansion of $(<var>.) from $(<var>) if not provided.

  • Fix connection recovery for PostgreSQL (issue #19, Dave Aitken).

  • Fix some unhandled exceptions for PostgreSQL.

  • Fix connection validation for MariaDB.

v1.0.0 - 2018-08-26

  • Added Caqti_type.Std : Caqti_type_sig.Std, containing type descriptors
    needed for building requests, for easy inclusion in custom modules.

  • Fix ptime to string conversion for PostgreSQL (monstasat).

  • Support microsecond precision for MariaDB.

  • Removed Caqti_type.Field.ex and renamed Caqti_type.ex to
    Caqti_type.any and related functions.

  • Removed other deprecated definitions.

  • Moved Caqti_system_sig into Caqti_driver and split up the signature to
    make room for future drivers on alternative platforms.

v0.11.0 - 2018-05-25

Added and improved:

  • Compliance with Lwt 4.0 contributed by Brendan Long.

  • Switched to the logs library for logging.

  • Strengthen detection of concurrent use of connection.

  • Support microsecond precision for timestamps for PostgreSQL and
    millisecond for Sqlite3.

  • Use float for time spans in Sqlite3.

  • Map the octets type to BLOBs for MariaDB and Sqlite3.

  • Log recoverable errors for MariaDB and Sqlite3.


  • The v1 API is now removed.


  • CI setup contributed by Brendan Long.

  • Various documentation updates.

v0.10.2 - 2018-04-05

  • Fix incompatibility with ppx_optcomp v0.11.0 by dropping it, since the
    conditionals where no longer needed.

  • Restore test during opam build.

  • The v1 API is now fully [@@@deprecated] and will be removed in the next
    major release.

v0.10.1 - 2018-02-27

  • Fix a pool size counting bug when resource allocation fails. This can
    cause deadlock due to pool exhaustion.

v0.10.0 - 2018-02-14

  • Added -linkall flags to driver libraries to fix direct linking (#9).

  • Added convenience functions collect_list and rev_collect_list (#8).

  • Renamed template to query and related function, leaving deprecated

  • Added ptime_span field type mapping to SQL intervals.

  • Be more permissive about types of data returned from MariaDB when
    expecting numerical results.

v0.9.0 - 2018-01-04

  • Move v1 into findlib sublibraries and announce deprecation.

  • Port remaining tests to v2 and fix issues in MariaDB and Sqlite3 drivers.

  • Don't include password component of URIs in error messages.

  • Rename io type constructor to future.

  • Fix pool size limit enforcement.

  • Drop error on disconnect.

  • Support substitutions in request convenience functions.

v0.8.1 - 2017-12-06

  • Fix start transaction for PostgreSQL v2.

  • Fix dependency on ptime in caqti.opam in distribution.

v0.8.0 - 2017-12-04

  • Remove most deprecations.

  • Add new v2 API.

  • Move away most of the v1 API, but keep deprecated aliases for the client

The main difference of the new API compared to the old is:

  • It uses typed parameters and rows with an extensible variant for field
    type and a custom definable compound type.

  • The connection has a call method which gives access to a result object
    before iterating over the returned rows.

  • Error handling is done with the result type, using a collection of error
    types formed as polymorphic variants of records.

Notice: This version is mostly backwards compatible. New code should use
v2, but v1 will be kept for now. To keep using the v1 in upcoming releases:

  • Fix the new deprecations from this release.

  • Link with caqti-dynload to keep using dynamic loading, or link with the
    needed caqti-driver-*.v1 driver libraries.

  • Link with caqti.v1 instead of caqti.

  • Link with caqti-lwt.v1 instead of caqti-lwt.

  • Link with caqti-async.v1 instead of caqti-async.

v0.7.0 - 2017-11-03

  • Remove WRAPPER and REPORT functionality.

  • Remove deprecated findlib aliases.

  • Renamed date and utc conversions to date_cl and utc_cl.

  • Deprecate Caqti_metadata in favour of the new Caqti_driver_info.

  • Move various signature to separate files, leaving deprecated aliases.

v0.6.1 - 2017-10-26

  • Fixed support for lwt >= 3, but keep supporting 2.7 as well for now.

  • Fixed preparation of query after reconnect to PostgreSQL.

  • Fixed support for ocaml 4.03.x.

  • Added Tuple.length.

  • Deprecated Param.sub_types.

  • Deprecated Param.other and Tuple.other.

v0.6.0 - 2017-06-05

  • Split into separate packages to avoid depopts and rename findlib names

  • Use findlib to load DB drivers, and use -linkall. This hopefully solves
    loading issues.

v0.5.3 - 2017-05-22

  • Fix handling of spaces in Sqlite3 URIs and allow setting mode.

  • Split Caqti (now deprecated) into Caqti_errors and Caqti_connect.

  • Update to async 0.9.0.

v0.5.2 - 2017-02-25

  • Fix plugin loader to handle modernised META.

v0.5.1 - 2017-02-25 retracted

  • Rename libraries to match META.

v0.5.0 - 2017-02-25 retracted

  • Added MariaDB backend.

  • Fixed VARCHAR for SQLite3 describe.