Compiler utilities

Unique identifiers

Related modules:

  • Utils.Uid Global identifiers factories using a generative functor

In the desugared representation or in the the scope language, a number of things are named using global identifiers. These identifiers use OCaml's type system to statically distinguish e.g. a scope identifier from a struct identifier.

The Utils.Uid module provides a generative functor whose output is a fresh sort of global identifiers.

Source code positions

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This module is used throughout the compiler to annotate the abstract syntax trees with information about the position of the element in the original source code. These annotations are critical to produce readable error messages.

Error messages

Related modules:

Error handling is critical in a compiler. The Catala compiler uses an architecture of error messages inspired by the Rust compiler, where error messages all correspond to the same exception. This exception carries messages and positions that are displayed in the end in a nicely-formatted error message.

Hence, all error thrown by the compiler should use Utils.Errors