A library used to manage configuration files
  • build: switch build system to Dune

  • build: use cppo and camlp4 for pre-processing

  • fix: fix warnings

release-1.2 (2014-03-20) Maxence Guesdon

2014-02-11 Maxence Guesdon

  • add: compile and install .cmxs files

2013-02-25 Maxence Guesdon

  • add: new read_string method, thanks to Armaël Guéneau

release-1.1 (2012-04-11) Maxence Guesdon

  • add: use findlib to install

2004-11-19 Maxence Guesdon

  • add: .headache_config

2004-11-9 Jean-Baptiste Rouquier

  • config_file.mli, removed color_cp (could be string or int)

  • Minors changes in the documentation.

  • Header of (TODO and Changelog).

2004-11-03 Maxence Guesdon

  • mod: installation ok

  • add:, configure,, gpl_header

  • fix: Makefile

2004-09-10 Jean-Baptiste Rouquier

  • renamed group#load into group#read.

  • Customizable behaviour (log file for instance) on error in configuration

  • Configuration file created if it doesn't exist.

  • Bugfix in Raw.of_file.

2004-08-20 Jean-Baptiste Rouquier

  • object rewrite, no more Obj.magic.

  • Lots of comments added (also in config_file.mli).

  • Interface to module Arg handles not only "simple" configuration parameters,
    ie also handles configuration parameters inside a Section.

  • Use of module Format to prettier print the config file and the

  • Use of module Queue to keep the cps in the order they were added to the