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Language Server Protocol native server for Coq


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coq-lsp 0.1.8: Trick-or-treat

  • Update VSCode client dependencies, should bring some performance improvements to goal pretty printing (@ejgallego, #530)

  • Update goal display colors for light mode so they are actually readable now. (@bhaktishh, #539, fixes #532)

  • Added link to Python coq-lsp client by Pedro Carrot and Nuno Saavedra (@Nfsaavedra, #536)

  • Properly concatenate warnings from _CoqProject (@ejgallego, reported by @mituharu, #541, fixes #540)

  • Fix broken coq/saveVo and coq/getDocument requests due to a parsing problem with extra fields in their requests (@ejgallego, #547, reported by @Zimmi48)

  • fcc now understands the --coqlib, --coqcorelib, --ocamlpath, -Q and -R arguments (@ejgallego, #555)

  • Describe findlib status in Workspace.describe, which is printed in the output windows (@ejgallego, #556)

  • coq-lsp plugin loader will now be strict in case of a plugin failure, the previous loose behavior was more convenient for the early releases, but it doesn't make sense now and made things pretty hard to debug on the Windows installer (@ejgallego, #557)

  • Add pointers to Windows installers (@ejgallego, #559)

  • Recognize Goal and Definition $id : ... . as proof starters (@ejgallego, #561, reported by @Zimmi48, fixes #548)

  • Provide basic notation information on hover. This is intended for people to build their own more refined notation feedback systems (@ejgallego, #562)

  • Hover request can now be extended by plugins (@ejgallego, #562)

  • Updated LSP and JS client libs, notably to vscode-languageclient 9 (@ejgallego, #565)

  • Implement a LIFO document scheduler, this is heavier in the background as more documents will be checked, but provides a few usability improvements (@ejgallego, #566, fixes #563, reported by Ali Caglayan)

  • New lexical qed detection error recovery rule; this makes a very large usability difference in practice when editing inside proofs. (@ejgallego, #567, fixes #33)

  • coq-lsp is now supported by the coq-nix-toolbox (@Zimmi48, @CohenCyril, #572, via )

  • Support for -rifrom in _CoqProject and in command line (--rifrom). Thanks to Lasse Blaauwbroek for the report. (@ejgallego, #581, fixes #579)

  • Export Query Goals API in VSCode client; this way other extensions can implement their own commands that query Coq goals (@amblafont, @ejgallego, #576, closes #558)

  • New pretac field for preprocessing of goals with a tactic using speculative execution, this is experimental for now (@amblafont, @ejgallego, #573, helps with #558)

  • Implement textDocument/selectionRange request, that will return the range of the Coq sentence underlying the cursor. In VSCode, this is triggered by the "Expand Selection" command. The implementation is partial: we only take into account the first position, and we only return a single range (Coq sentence) without parents. (@ejgallego, #582)

  • Be more robust to mixed-separator windows paths in workspace detection (@ejgallego, #583, fixes #569)

  • Adjust printing breaks in error and message panels (@ejgallego, @Alizter, #586, fixes #457 , fixes #458 , fixes #571)

coq-lsp 0.1.7: Just-in-time

  • New command line compiler fcc. fcc allows to access most features of coq-lsp without the need for a command line client, and it has been designed to be extensible and machine-friendly (@ejgallego, #507, fixes #472)

  • Enable web extension support. For now this will not try to start the coq-lsp worker as it is not yet built. (@ejgallego, #430, fixes #234)

  • Improvements and clenaups on hover display, in particular we don't print repeated Notation strings (@ejgallego, #422)

  • Don't fail on missing serlib plugins, they are indeed an optimization; this mostly impacts 8.16 by lowering the SerAPI requirements (@ejgallego, #421)

  • Fix bug that prevented "Goal after tactic" from working properly (@ejgallego, #438, reported by David Ilcinkas)

  • Fix "Error message browser becomes non-visible when there are many goals" by using a fixed-position separated error display (@TDiazT, #445, fixes #441)

  • Message about workspace detection was printing the wrong file, (@ejgallego, #444, reported by Alex Sanchez-Stern)

  • Display the list of pending obligations in info panel (@ejgallego, #262)

  • Preliminary support to display document performance data in panel (@ejgallego, #181)

  • Fix cases when workspace / root URIs are null, as per LSP spec, (#453 , reported by orilahav, fixes #283)

  • Pass implicit argument information to hover printer (@ejgallego, #453, fixes #448)

  • Fix keybinding for the "Show Goals at Point" command (@4ever2, #460)

  • Alert when rootPath is relative (#465, @ejgallego, report by Alex Sanchez-Stern)

  • Hook coq-lsp to ViZX extension (@bhaktishh, #469)

  • proof/goals request now takes an optional formatting parameter so clients can specify it per-request (@ejgallego, @bhaktishh, #470)

  • New command line argument --idle-delay=$secs that controls how much an idle server will sleep before going back to request processing. Default setting is 0.1, using more aggressive settings like 0.01 can decrease latency of requests by ~4x (@ejgallego, @hazardouspeach, #467, #471)

  • Warnings from _CoqProject files are now applied (@ejgallego, reported by @arthuraa, #500)

  • Be more resilient when serializing unknowns Asts (@ejgallego, #503, reported by Gijs Pennings)

  • Coq's STM is not linked anymore to coq-lsp (@ejgallego, #511)

  • More granular options send_perf_data send_diags, verbosity will set them now (@ejgallego, #517)

  • Preliminary plugin API for completion events (@ejgallego, #518, fixes #506)

  • Limit the number of messages displayed in the goal window to 101, as to workaround slow render of Coq's pretty printing format. This is an issue for example in Search where we can get thousand of results. We also speed up the rendering a bit by not hashing twice, and fix a parameter-passing bug. (@ejgallego, #523, reported by Anton Podkopaev)

coq-lsp 0.1.6: Peek

  • The info / goal view now uses jsCoq's client-side rendering, with better highlighting and layout rendering (@artagnon, @ejgallego, #143, fixes #96)

  • Printing method is now configurable by the user (@ejgallego, #143, fixes #321)

  • Trigger completion on quote char "'" (@ejgallego, #350)

  • Fix typo on keybinding config for show goals (@tomtomjhj, #357)

  • New request coq/getDocument to get serialized full document contents. Thanks to Clément Pit-Claudel for feedback and ideas. (@ejgallego, #350)

  • Auto-ignore Coq object files; can be disabled in config (@ejgallego, #365)

  • Support workspaces with multiple roots, this is very useful for projects that contain several _CoqProject files in different directories (@ejgallego, #374)

  • Add VS Code commands to start / stop the server (@ejgallego, #377, cc #209)

  • Fix bug that made the server not exit on exit LSP notification (@artagnon, @ejgallego, #375, fixes #230)

  • Lay the foundation for server tests (@artagnon, #356)

  • Remove the coq-lsp.ok_diagnostics setting (@artagnon, #129)

  • Print abbreviations on hover (@ejgallego, #384)

  • Print hover types without parenthesis (@ejgallego, #384)

  • Parse identifiers with dot for hover and jump to definition (@ejallego, #385)

  • Update vscode-languageclient to 8.1.0 (@ejgallego, @Alizter, #383, fixes #273)

  • Fix typo on max_errors checking, this made coq-lsp stop on the number of total diagnostics, instead of only errors (@ejgallego, #386)

  • Hover symbol information: hypothesis names must shadow globals of the same name (@ejgallego, #391, fixes #388)

  • De-schedule document on didClose, otherwise the scheduler will keep trying to resume it if it didn't finish (@ejgallego, #392)

  • Hover symbol information: correctly handle identifiers before '.' and containing a quote (') themselves (@ejgallego, #393)

  • Add children entries to the table-of-contents (@ejgallego, #394)

  • Invalidate Coq's imperative cache on error (@ejgallego, @r-muhairi, #395)

  • Add status bar button to toggle server run status (@ejgallego, @Alizter, #378, closes #209)

  • Support for COQLIB and COQCORELIB environment variables, added --coqcorelib command line argument (@ejgallego, #403)

  • Protocol infrastructure for code lenses (@ejgallego, #396)

  • Set binary more for protocol input / output (@ejgallego, #408)

  • Allow to set ocamlpath from the command line (@ejgallego, #408)

  • Windows support (@ejgallego, @jim-portegies, #408)

  • Scroll active goal into view (@ejgallego, #410, fixes #381)

  • Server status icon will now react properly to fatal server errors (@ejgallego, reported by @Alizter, #411, fixes #399)

  • Info on memory and time is now disabled by default, new option coq-lsp.stats_on_hover_option to re-enable it (@ejgallego, #412, fixes #398).

  • coq-lsp can now save .vo files for files opened in the editor. Use the new "Save to .vo" command, or the new protocol coq/saveVo request (@ejgallego, #417, fixes #339)

coq-lsp Path

  • Fix handling of COQPATH and OCAMLPATH (@ejgallego, #364)

coq-lsp 0.1.5: Form

  • Fix a bug when trying to complete in an empty file (@ejgallego, #270)

  • Fix a bug with the position reported by the $/coq/fileProgress notification (#270)

  • Fix messages panel rendering after the port to React (@ejgallego, #272)

  • Fix non-compliance with LSP range type due to extra offset field (@ejgallego, #271)

  • The goal display now numbers goals starting with 1 instead of 0 (@artagnon, #277, report by Hugo Herbelin)

  • Markdown Coq code blocks now must specify "coq" as a language (@ejgallego, #280)

  • Server is now more strict w.r.t. what URIs it will accept for documents, see protocol documentation (@ejgallego, #286, reported by Alex Sanchez-Stern)

  • Hypotheses with bodies are now correctly displayed (@ejgallego, #296, fixes #293, report by Ali Caglayan)

  • coq-lsp incorrectly required the optional rootPath initialization parameter, moreover it ignored rootUri if present which goes against the LSP spec (@ejgallego, #295, report by Alex Sanchez-Stern)

  • coq-lsp will now reject opening multiple files when the underlying Coq version is buggy (@ejgallego, fixes #275, fixes #281)

  • Fix bug when parsing client option for unicode completion (@ejgallego #301)

  • Support unicode characters in filenames (@artagnon, #302)

  • Stop checking documents after a maximum number of errors, user-configurable (by default 150) (@ejgallego, #303)

  • Coq Markdown files (.mv extension) are now highlighted properly using both Coq and Markdown syntax rules (@4ever2, #307)

  • Goal view now supports find (@Alizter, #309, closes #305)

  • coq-lsp now understands a basic version of Coq Waterproof files (.wpn) Note that we don't associate to them by default, as to allow the waterproof extension to take over the files (@ejgallego, #306)

  • URI validation is now more strict, and some further bugs should be solved; note still this can be an issue on some client settings (@ejgallego, #313, fixes #187)

  • Display Coq info and debug messages in info panel (@ejgallego, #314, fixes #308)

  • Goal display handles background goals better, showing preview, goals stack, and focusing information (@ejgallego, #290, fixes #288, fixes #304, based on jsCoq code by Shachar Itzhaky)

  • Warnings are now printed in the info view messages panel (@ejgallego, #315, fixes #195)

  • Info protocol messages now have location and level (@ejgallego, #315)

  • Warnings are not printed in the info view messages panel (@ejgallego, #, fixes #195)

  • Improved documentSymbol return type for newer DocumentSymbol[] hierarchical symbol support. This means that sections and modules will now be properly represented, as well as constructors for inductive types, projections for records, etc... (@ejgallego, #174, fixes #121, #122)

  • [internal] Error recovery can now execute full Coq commands as to amend states, required for #319 (@ejallego, #320)

  • Auto-admit the previous bullet goal when a new bullet cannot be opened due to an unsolved previous bullet. This also works for {} focusing operators. This is very useful when navigating bulleted proofs (@ejgallego, @Alizter, #319, fixes #300)

  • Store Ast.Info.t incrementally (@ejgallego, #337, fixes #316)

  • Basic jump to definition support; due to lack of workspace metadata, this only works inside the same file (@ejgallego, #318)

  • Show type of identifiers at point on hover (@ejgallego, #321, cc: #164)

coq-lsp 0.1.4: View

  • Support for OCaml 4.11 (@ejgallego, #184)

  • The keybinding alt+enter in VSCode is now correctly scoped to be only active on Coq files (@artagnon, #188)

  • Support Unicode files (@ejgallego, #200, fixes #193, fixes #197)

  • The info / goal view is now script enabled and does client-side rendering. It is also now bundled with esbuild as part of the build process (@artagnon, @ejgallego, #171)

  • The no-op --std argument to the coq-lsp binary has been removed, beware of your setup in the extension settings (@ejgallego, #208)

  • Settings for the VSCode extension are now categorized (@Alizter, #212)

  • GoalAnswers now include the proof "stack" and better hypothesis information, changes are compatible with 0.1.3 GoalAnswer version (@ejgallego, #237)

  • Focus is now preserved when the info view pops up (@artagnon, #242, fixes #224)

  • In _CoqProject, -impredicative-set is now parsed correctly (@artagnon, #241)

  • InfoView is not written in React (@ejgallego, #223)

  • debug option in the client / protocol that will enable Coq's backtraces (@Alizter, @ejgallego, #217, #248)

  • Full document stats are now correctly computed on checking resumption, still cached sentences will display the cached timing tho (@ejgallego, #257)

  • Set Coq library name correctly from URI, note this makes the server to accept less URIs (@ejgallego, #260)

  • _CoqProject file is now detected using LSP client rootPath (@ejgallego, #261)

  • You can press \ to trigger Unicode completion by the server. This behavior is configurable, with "off", "regular", and "extended" settings (@artagnon, @Alizter, ejgallego, #219).

coq-lsp 0.1.3: Event

  • Much improved handling of Coq fatal errors, the server is now hardened against them (@ejgallego, #155, #157, #160, fixes #91)

  • coq-lsp now follows the LSP specification regarding initialization strictly (@ejgallego, #168)

  • New setting for goals to be updated when the selection changes due to a command; this makes VsCodeVim cursor tracking work; thanks to Cactus (Anton) Golov for detailed bug reporting and testing (@ejgallego, @jesyspa, #170, fixes #163)

  • coq-lsp will now warn the user when two files have been opened simultaneously and the parser may go into a broken state :/ (@ejgallego, #169)

  • Implement request postponement and cancellation. Thus documentSymbols will now be postponed until the document is ready, (@ejgallego, #141, #146, fixes #124)

  • Protocol and VS Code interfaces now support shelved and given_up goals (@ejgallego, #175)

  • Allow to postpone requests to wait for data to become available on document points; this is implemented to provide a nicer "show goals while I type" experience. Client default has been changed to "show goals on mouse, click, typing, and cursor movement) (@ejgallego, #177, #179)

  • Store stats per document (@ejgallego, #180, fixes #173)

coq-lsp 0.1.2: Message

  • Send an error to the client if the client and server versions don't match (@ejgallego, #126)

  • Parse options -noinit, -indices-matter, and -impredicative-set from _CoqProject (@artagnon, @ejgallego, #140, #150)

  • Log file log-lsp.txt has been removed in favor of coq-lsp.trace.server (@artagnon, @ejgallego, #130, #148)

  • Added --bt flag to print a backtrace on error (@Alizter, #147)

  • A detailed view of Coq errors is now displayed in the info panel (@ejgallego, #128)

  • Coq "Notice" messages, such as the ones generated by About or Search are not shown anymore as diagnostics. Instead, they will be shown on the side panel when clicking on the corresponding command. The show_notices_as_diagnostics option allows to restore old behavior (@ejgallego, #128, fixes #125)

  • Print some more info about Coq workspace configuration (@ejgallego, #151)

  • Admit failed Qed by default; allow users to configure it (@ejgallego, #118, fixes #90)

coq-lsp 0.1.1: Location

  • Don't crash if the log file can't be created (@ejgallego, #87)

  • Use LSP functions for client-side logging (@ejgallego, #87)

  • Log _CoqProject detection settings to client window (@ejgallego, #88)

  • Use plugin include paths from _CoqProject (@ejgallego, #88)

  • Support OCaml >= 4.12 (@ejgallego, #93)

  • Optimize the number of diagnostics sent in eager mode (@ejgallego, #104)

  • Improved syntax highlighting on VSCode client (@artagnon, #105)

  • Resume document checking from the point it was interrupted (@ejgallego, #95, #99)

  • Don't convert Coq "Info" messages such as "Foo is defined" to feedback by default; users willing to see them can set the corresponding option (@ejgallego, #113)

  • Send $/coq/fileProgress progress notifications from server, similarly to what Lean does; display them in Code's right gutter (@ejgallego, #106, fixes #54)

  • Show goals on click by default, allow users to configure the behavior to follow cursor in different ways (@ejgallego, #116, fixes #89)

  • Show file position in goal buffer, use collapsible elements for goal list (@ejgallego, #115, fixes #109)

  • Resume checking from common prefix on document update (@ejgallego, #111, fixes #110)

  • Only serve goals, hover, and symbols requests when the document has been sufficiently processed (@ejgallego, #120, fixes #100)

coq-lsp 0.1.0: Memory

  • Location-aware cache for incremental Coq interpretation (@ejgallego)

  • Smart, structure-aware error recovery (@ejgallego)

  • Configure flags reading _CoqProject file (@artagnon, #3)

  • Interruption support (@ejgallego , @Alizter, #27, #32, #34)

  • Markdown support (@ejgallego, #62)

  • Goal display (@ejgallego @corwin-of-amber, #69)

  • User-side configuration (@ejgallego, #67)

  • Allow to configure before/after goal display (@ejgallego, #78)

  • Allow requests to interrupt checking (@ejgallego, #76)


  • Bootstrap from lambdapi-lsp server (@ejgallego)


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