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Serialization library and protocol for machine interaction with the Coq proof assistant


Dune Dependency





Version 0.19.2

  • [serlib] Fix (@ejgallego, #398, fixes #397 fixes sr-lab/coqpyt#35 , thanks to @laetitia-teo and @Nfsaavedra for the bug report)

Version 0.19.1

  • [serlib] Support btauto Coq plugin (@ejgallego, #362)

  • [serlib] Support extraction Coq plugin (@ejgallego, @toku-sa-n, #375, fixes #371)

  • [general] Make licensing clearer (@ejgallego, @palmskog, @SnarkBoojum, #361, closes #266)

Version 0.19.0

  • [serapi] (!) support for Coq 8.19, thanks to all the developers that contributed compatibility patches.

  • [general] Cleanup old / unused code (@ejgallego, #362)

Version 0.18.1:

  • [serlib] Fix a few 8.18 piercings (!) (@ejgallego, #357)

Version 0.18.0:

  • [serapi] (!) support for Coq 8.18, thanks to all the developers that contributed compatibility patches (@ejgallego and many others).

  • [serlib] Fix ltac2 plugin wrong piercing due to missing constructor (@ejgallego, reported by @quarkcool, #349).

Version 0.17.2:

  • [serlib] Expose some more Ast functions required by coq-lsp's auto-build support (@ejgallego, #383)

Version 0.17.1:

  • [sertop] Don't initialize CoqworkmgrApi (@ejgallego, #340)

  • [serlib] Compat with Jane Street libraries >= v0.16.0 (@ejgallego, #351)

Version 0.17.0:

  • [serlib] (!) Serialization format of generic arguments has changed to be conforming to usual ppx_sexp_conv conventions. (@ejgallego , fixes #273)

  • [serapi] (!) support for Coq 8.17, upstream structures seem pretty stable from 8.16, except for Constr.Evar (@ejgallego)

  • [serapi] SerAPI is now in Coq's CI (@ejgallego @alizter)

Version 0.16.3:

  • [serlib] Fix JSON serialization for generic arguments (@ejgallego, #321)

Version 0.16.2:

  • [sertop] Add --impredicative-set command line option (@dhilst , #288)

  • [serlib] Added support for some more plugins from coq-core (ltac2, cc, micromega, number_string_notation) (@ejgallego, #284, #306)

Version 0.16.1:

  • [sertop] Allow to set --coqlib using the COQLIB environment variable. The cmdline argument option still has precedence.

  • [serapi] Allow to parse expressions too with (Parse (entry Constr) $text) (@ejgallego, fixes #272)

Version 0.16.0:

  • [serapi] (!) support for Coq 8.16, see upstream changes and SerAPI test-suite changes for more information. Remarkable changes are: - kernel terms are serialized a bit differently now due to KerName being used in more places upstream. Some internal structures also changes in kernel's env, so be attentive if you are depending on them. - plugin loading is adapted for 8.16 findlib loading method (@ejgallego)

  • [deps] Require cmdliner >= 1.1.0 (@ejgallego)

  • [deps] Support Jane Street libraries v0.15.0 (@ejgallego)

  • [serapi] New query Objects to dump Coq's libobject (@ejgallego)

  • [serlib] Much improved yojson / json support (@ejgallego)

  • [serlib] Coq AST now supports ppx_hash intf (ignoring locations by default) (@ejgallego)

  • [serlib] Coq AST now supports ppx_compare intf (ignoring locations by default) (@ejgallego)

  • [serlib] Large refactoring on Serlib, using functors, see serlib/ (@ejgallego)

  • [serapi] (!) Query Proofs has changed type and will now return the partial terms under construction (#271 , fixes #270, @ejgallego)

Version 0.15.1:

  • [serlib] Fix bad bypass of opaquetab serialization. This caused a segfault in some cases.

Version 0.15.0:

  • [serapi] (!) support for Coq 8.15, see upstream changes; nothing too remarkable so far, except for NewTip -> NewAddTip in the answer response, we may want to add a compat layer for this if problematic. (#265, @ejgallego)

Version 0.14.0:

  • [serapi] (!) support for Coq 8.14, see upstream changes; nothing too remarkable other than NewDoc will now ignore loadpaths due to new init setup upstream. (#253, @ejgallego)

  • [ci] SerAPI branches should be able to build now against Coq rc packages as to better integrate with Coq's platform beta release; thanks to Érik Martin-Dorel, Karl Palmskog and Théo Zimmermann for feedback.

Version 0.13.1:

  • [serapi] New query (Query () (LogicalPath file)) which will return the logical path for a particular .v file (@ejgallego, see also

  • [serapi] new (SaveDoc opts) command supporting saving of .vo files even when from interactive mode; note that using --topfile is required (fixes #238, @ejgallego, reported by Jason Gross)

  • [sertop] we don't link the OCaml num library anymore, this could have some impact on plugins (@ejgallego)

  • [nix] Added Nix support (#249, fixes #248, @Zimmi48, reported by @nyraghu)

  • [serapi] Fix COQPATH support: interpret paths as absolute (#249, @Zimmi48)

  • [serlib] Ignore env parameter in certain exceptions (#254, fixes #250, @ejgallego, reported by @cpitclaudel)

  • [sertop] New option --omit_env that will disable the serialization of Coq's super heavy global environments (#254 @ejgallego)

  • [build] Test OCaml 4.12 (#257 @ejgallego)

  • [sertop] Async mode was not working due to passing -no-glob to workers

Version 0.13.0:

  • [serapi] (!) support for Coq 8.13, see upstream changes; in particular there are changes in the kernel representation of terms [pattern matching, new caseinvert, primitive arrays] (#232, fixes #227, @ejgallego)

Version 0.12.1:

  • [serapi] (!) Bump public library versioning [breaking change]

  • [opam] Bump upper bound on ppx_sexp_conv to 0.15, allowing SerAPI to work with the 0.14 set of Jane Street packages.

  • [serapi] Fix goal printing anomaly (#230, fixes #228 @corwin-of-amber)

  • [sertop ] New (Fork (fifo_in file) (fifo_out file)) command, that will (hard) fork a new SerAPI process and redirect the input / output towards the given Unix FIFOs. This API is experimental but should allow quite a few advantages to some users willing to perform speculative execution. (#210 , improves #202 , @ejgallego)

  • [serapi] Fix missing newline to separate goals (#235, fixes #231, @ejgallego)

Version 0.12.0:

  • [general] (!) support Coq 8.12, main changes upstream related to the representation of numerals and notations. The rest of the interface does remain relative stable. (@ejgallego).

Version 0.11.1:

  • [general] Require dune >= 2.0 (@ejgallego, ??)

  • [serapi] New query Comments to return all comments in a document (@ejgallego, #20? , (partially) fixes #191 , #200 )

  • [general] Coq's error recovery is now disabled by default (@ejgallego , fixes #201)

  • [general] New option --error-recovery to enable error recovery (@ejgallego , #203)

  • [general] Bump sexplib dependency to v0.13 (@ejgallego , #204) Fixes incorrect change in #194.

  • [sertop] Set default value of allow-sprop to be true in agreement with upstream coq v8.11 and added option '--disallow-sprop' to optionally switch it off (--disallow-sprop forbids using the proof irrelevant SProp sort) (#199, @pestun)

  • [sertop] Set default value of allow-sprop to be true in agreement with upstream coq v8.11 and added option '--disallow-sprop' to optionally switch it off (--disallow-sprop forbids using the proof irrelevant SProp sort) (@pestun , #199)

  • [sertop] Added option --topfile to sertop to set top name from a filename (#197, @pestun)

  • [deps] Require sexplib >= 0.12 , fixed deprecation warnings (#194, @ejgallego)

  • [general] SerAPI is now tested with OCaml 4.08 and 4.09 (#195 , @ejgallego)

  • [sertop ] Forward port sername from 0.7.1 (@ejgallego)

  • [serlib ] Fix #212 "Segfault on universes" (@ejgallego, reported by @cpitclaudel , #214)

  • [serapi ] Fix #221 "Support COQPATH" (@ejgallego, reported by @cpitclaudel , #224)

  • [sertop ] Fix #222 "Support --indices-matter" (@ejgallego, reported by @cpitclaudel , #223)

  • [sertop ] Fix "Stack overflow in main loop" (@pestun , #216)

Version 0.11.0:

  • [general] (!) support Coq 8.11, a few datatypes have changed, in particular CoqAst handles locations as an AST node, and the kernel type includes primitive floats (@ejgallego).

  • [general] (!) Now the sertop and serapi OCaml libraries are built packed, we've also bumped their compat version number (#192 @ejgallego)

Version 0.7.1:

  • [sertop ] Add sername program for batch serialization elaborated terms Note that this utility will be deprecated in future versions, to be subsumed by Query. (#207, @palmskog, with help from @ejgallego)

  • [serlib ] Expose QueryUtil.info_of_id and gen_pp_obj in serapi_protocol.mli to enable using them in sername to retrieve serialized body-type pairs (@palmskog)

  • [general] Improved compat with Jane Street v0.13 toolchain

  • [serlib ] Only use ssreflect from Coq in tests (@ejgallego)

Version 0.7.0:

  • [general] (!) support Coq 8.10,

  • [serapi] (!) Goals query return type has been modified due to upstream changes. (@ejgallego)

  • [serlib] Complete (hopefully) serialization for ssreflect ASTs. (#73 @ejgallego)

  • [general] Drop support for OCaml < 4.07 (#140 @ejgallego)

  • [serlib ] JSON serialization for kernel and AST terms (@ejgallego)

  • [serapi ] Add Complete support (@ejgallego c.f.

  • [serlib ] Serlib is now built as a wrapped module (@ejgallego)

  • [serapi ] (!) Goals info has been extended to print name metadata if available, cc #151 (@ejgallego , suggested by @cpitclaudel)

  • [serlib ] JSON support for vernac_expr (@ejgallego)

  • [sertop ] (!) Do as Coq upstream and load Coq's stdlib with -R (closes #56)

  • [sertop ] Follow Coq upstream and unset indices_matter (closes #157, thanks to @palmskog for the report)

  • [serapi ] (!) Improve CoqExn answer to have pretty-printed message (improves #162, thanks to @cpitclaudel for the request)

  • [serlib ] (!) Fix capitalization conventions for a few types in Names (closes #167 thanks to @corwin-of-amber for the report)

  • [serapi ] (!) Add bullet suggest information to goal query (@corwin-of-amber)

  • [sertop ] Add --no_prelude option (closes #176, @ejgallego, request of @darbyhaller)

  • [serlib ] (!) Add index to MBId serialization (fixes #150, @ejgallego)

  • [serapi ] (!) Add sid parameter to Print (helps #150, @ejgallego, reported by @cpitclaudel)

  • [sertop ] Add sertok program for batch serialization of tokens and their source locations (@palmskog)

  • [serapi ] (!) Add string-formatted messages to CoqExn and Message (@ejgallego closes #184 , closes #162)

Version 0.6.1:

  • [serapi ] Add Parse command to parse a sentence; c.f. (@ejgallego) (cc: @yangky11)

  • [sercomp] Add "print" --mode to print the input Coq document (@ejgallego) (cc: @Ptival)

  • [serlib ] Serialize Universe.t (@ejgallego, request by @yangky11)

  • [sercomp] Merge sercomp and compser, add --input parameter to sercomp (@palmskog) (cc: @ejgallego)

  • [serlib ] Much improved support for serialization of Environ.env (@yangky11 and @ejgallego c.f. #118)

  • [serapi ] Make sure every command ends with Completed, even if it produced an exception (@brando90 and @ejgallego c.f. #124)

  • [sercomp] Add --mode=kexp to output the final kernel environment. (@ejgallego c.f. #119)

  • [serlib ] Serialize more internal environment fields (@ejgallego c.f. #119)

  • [serlib ] Improvements in serialization org (@ejgallego)

  • [serlib ] Serialize kernel entries (@ejgallego @palmskog)

  • [serlib ] Fix critical bug on Constr deserialization; reported by @palmskog, fix by @SkySkimmer.

  • [sertop] Fix backtrace printing when using --debug (@ejgallego)

  • [serlib ] Don't serialize VM values (@ejgallego, bug report by @palmskog)

  • [serapi ] Output location on tokenization (@ejgallego , idea by @palmskog)

  • [serapi ] Add basic documentation of the protocol (@ejgallego cc #109)

Version 0.6.0:

  • [general] support Coq 8.9,

  • [general] SerAPI now uses Dune as a build system,

  • [opam] install sertop.el,

  • [serlib] support to serialize kernel environments,

  • [serapi] new query Env that tries to print the current kernel environment,

  • [serlib] correct field names for CAst,

  • [serlib] more robust support for opaque / non-serializable types (#61, #68). Thanks to @palmskog,

  • [serlib] new option --exn_on_opaque to raise an exception on non-serializable types; closes #61, thanks to @palmskog,

  • [serlib] serialization test-suite from, thanks to @palmskog,

  • [sercomp] add --mode option to better control output,

  • [sercomp] add compser for deserialization (inverse of sercomp) (@palmskog),

  • [serapi] Allow custom document creation using the NewDoc call. Use the --no_init option to avoid automatic creation on init. (@ejgallego)

  • [sercomp] Allow compilers to output .vo (@ejgallego , suggested by @palmskog)

  • [sercomp] Serialize top-level vernaculars with their syntactic attributes (such as location) (@ejgallego)

  • [serapi] Add Assumptions query, at the suggestion of @Armael (@ejgallego)

  • [sercomp] Disable error resilience mode in compilers; semantics are a bit dubious see coq/coq#9204 also #94. (@ejgallego, report by @palmskog)

  • [sercomp] Add check mode to compilers to check all proofs without outputting .vo. (@palmskog)

  • [sercomp] Add "hacky" --quick option to skip checking of opaque proofs. (@ejgallego, request by @palmskog)

  • [sercomp] Add --async_workers option to set maximum number of parallel async workers. (@palmskog)

  • [sertop] Stop linking Coq plugins statically and load serlib plugins when Coq plugins are loaded instead (@ejgallego, review by @palmskog)

Version 0.5.7:

  • [serlib] Fixed serializers for more tactics data, add support for ground plugin (#68). Thanks again to @palmskog for the report.

Version 0.5.6:

  • [serlib] Fixed serializers for some tactics data (#66) Thanks to @palmskog for the report.

Version 0.5.5:

  • [serlib] Be more lenient when parsing back Id.t as to accommodate hacks in the Coq AST (#64) Thanks to @palmskog for the report.

Version 0.5.4:

  • [serlib] Fix critical bug in handling of abstract type (#60)

Version 0.5.3:

  • [sertop] Support for -I option (--ml-include-path).

Version 0.5.2:

  • [serlib] Compatibility with OCaml 4.07.0 [problems with Stdlib packing]

Version 0.5.1:

  • [serlib] (basic) support for serialization of the ssreflect grammar,

  • [serapi] (Query () (Ast n)) is now (Query ((sid n)) Ast),

  • [serapi] remove broken deprecated SetOpt and LibAdd commands,

  • [doc] Improved man page.

  • [js] Miscellaneous improvements on the js build.

Version 0.5.0:

  • [general] support Coq 8.8, use improved document API,

  • [sertop] By default sertop will create a new document with doc_id 0,

  • [sertop] new debug options, see sertop --help.

Version 0.4:

  • [general] support Coq 8.7 , make use of improved upstream API,

  • [sertop] support -R and -Q options, note the slightly different syntax wrt Coq upstream: -R dir,path in place of -R dir path,

  • [serlib] support serialization of generic arguments [#41],

  • [serapi] (ReadFile file): hack to load a completed file.

Version 0.2:

  • Better Query/Object system.

Version 0.1:

  • Serialization-independent protocol core,

  • [js] Javascript worker,

  • [lib] Better Prelude support,

  • [serlib] Full Serialization of generic arguments,

  • [proto] Add is not a synchronous call anymore,

  • [proto] Refactor into a flat command hierarchy,

  • [proto] More useful queries,

  • [proto] Guarantee initial state is 1,

  • [proto] Support for ltac profiling,

  • [proto] Printing: add depth limiting,

  • [proto] Better handling of options in the sexp backend.

Version 0.03:

  • [done] Implicit arguments.

  • [done] Coq Workers support.

  • [done] Advanced Sentence splitting (Parse (Sentence string)), which can handle the whole document.

Version 0.02:

  • [done] Serialization of the Proof.proof object.

  • [done] Improve API: add options.

  • [done] Improve and review printing workflow.

  • [done] (Query ((Prefix "add") (Limit 10) (PpStr)) $ObjectType)

  • [done] Basic Sentence splitting (Parse num string)), retuns the first num end of the sentences without executing them. This has pitfalls as parsing is very stateful.

  • [done] Basic completion-oriented Search support (Query () Names)

  • [done] Better command line parsing (Cmdliner, Core ?)

  • [partial] Print Grammar tactic. (Query ... (Tactics)). Still we need to decide on: Coq.Init.Notations.instantiate vs instantiate, the issue of Nametab.shortest_qualid_of_global is a very sensible one for IDEs


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