Test web UI for OCurrent
Library current_web
Module Current_web . Site
type t

Site configuration settings.

class type raw_resource = object ... end
val allow_all : User.t option -> Role.t -> bool

allow_all grants every role to every user.

val v : ?name:string -> ?authn:( csrf:string -> Uri.t ) -> ?secure_cookies:bool -> has_role:( User.t option -> Role.t -> bool ) -> raw_resource Routes.route list -> t

v ~name ~authn ~has_role routes is a site named name (used for the HTML title, etc) that uses authn to authenticate users and has_role to control what they can do.

  • parameter authn

    A link to a login page.

  • parameter secure_cookies

    Set secure cookie attribute (turn on if public site uses https).