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Hashes implementations (SHA*, RIPEMD160, BLAKE2* and MD5)






v1.1.4 2023-03-23 Paris (France)

  • Add a test about CVE-2022-37454 (@dinosaure, #143)

  • Lint the distribution and delete the pkg-config dependency (@dinosuare, 1eff5c5)

  • Fix primitives used for bytes and fix the support of js_of_ocaml 5 (@hhugo, #144)

v1.1.3 2022-10-20 Paris (France)

  • Support MSVC compiler (@jonahbeckford, #137)

  • Fix CI on Windows ( requires /dev/urandom) (@dinosaure, #138)

  • Fix threads support (@dinosaure, #140)

  • Delete the META trick needed for MirageOS 3 when we install digestif (@dinosaure, #141) This version of digestif breaks the compatibility with MirageOS 3 and ocaml-freestanding. This PR should unlock the ability to use dune-cache.

v1.1.2 2022-04-08 Paris (France)

  • Minor update on the (@punchagan, #133)

  • Support only OCaml >= 4.08, update with ocamlformat.0.21.0 and remove bigarray-compat dependency (@hannesm, #134)

v1.1.1 2022-03-28 Paradou (France)

  • Hide C functions (sha3_keccakf) (@hannesm, #125)

  • Use ocaml to run instead of a shebang (@Nymphium, #127)

  • Use command -v instead of which (@Numphium, #126)

  • Add @since meta-data in documentation (@c-cube, @dinosaure, #128)

  • Update the (@dinosaure, @mimoo, #130)

  • ocaml-solo5 provides __ocaml_solo5__ instead of __ocaml_freestanding__ (@dinosaure, #131)

v1.1.0 2021-10-11 Paris (France)

  • Add Keccak256 module (ethereum padding) (@maxtori, @dinosaure, #118)

  • Update to include the documentation (@mimoo, @dinosaure, 65a5c12)

  • Remove deprecated function from fmt library (@dinosaure, #121)

  • NOTE: This version lost the support of OCaml 4.03 and OCaml 4.04.

v1.0.1 2020-02-08 Paris (France)

  • Fix esy support (@dinosaure, #115)

  • Fix big-endian support (@dinosaure, #113)

v1.0.0 2020-11-02 Paris (France)

  • breaking changes Upgrade the library with MirageOS 3.9 (new layout of artifacts) Add tests about compilation of unikernels (execution and link) (#105, @dinosaure, @hannesm)

  • Fix esy installation (#104, @dinosaure)

  • breaking changes Better GADT (#103, @dinosaure) As far as I can tell, nobody really use this part of digestif. The idea is to provide a GADT which contains the type of the hash. From third-part libraries point-of-view, it's better to pattern-match with such information instead to use a polymorphic variant (as before).

  • breaking changes key used for HMAC is a constant string (#101, @dinosaure, @hannesm) The key should not follow the same type as the digest value (string, bytes, bigstring). This update restricts the user to user only constant key (as a string).

v0.9.0 2020-07-10 Paris (France)

  • Add sha3 implementation (#98), @lyrm, @dinosaure, @hannesm and @cfcs

v0.8.1 2020-06-15 Paris (France)

  • Move to dune.2.6.0 (#97)

  • Apply ocamlformat.0.14.2 (#97)

  • Fix tests according alcotest.1.0.0 (#95)

v0.8.0 2019-20-09 Saint Louis (Sénégal)

  • Fake version to prioritize dune's variants instead of old linking trick

  • Use stdlib-shims to keep compatibility with < ocaml.4.07.0

v0.7.3 2019-07-09 Paris (France)

  • Fix bug about specialization of BLAKE2{B,S} (#85, #86) reported by @samoht, fixed by @dinosaure, reviewed by @hannes and @cfcs

v0.7.2 2019-05-16 Paris (France)

  • Add conflict with < mirage-xen-posix.3.1.0 packages (@hannesm)

  • Add a note on about the linking-trick and order of dependencies (@rizo)

  • Use experimental feature of variants with dune (@dinosaure, review @rgrinberg)

    digestif requires at least dune.1.9.2

v0.7.1 2018-11-15 Paris (France)

  • Cross compilation adjustments (@hannesm) (# 76)

  • Add the WHIRLPOOL hash algorithm (@clecat) (#77)

  • Backport fix on opam file (@dinosaure, @kit-ty-kate)

v0.7 2018-10-15 Paris (France)

  • Fixed HMAC on BLAKE2{S,B} (@emillon) (#46, #51)

  • Fixed convenient_of_hex (@dinosaure, @hannesm, @cfcs) (#55)

  • Add of_raw_string/to_raw_string (@samoht) (#57)

  • Test digestif on solo5 and xen backends (@samoht)

  • breaking change, commont type t is an abstract type (#58, #56)

  • Fixed META file (@dinosaure, @g2p) (#75)

  • New dependency eqaf (@dinosaure, @cfcs, @hannesm) (constant-time equal function) (#33, #34, #48, #50, #52, #65)

  • Remove Obj.magic in common implementation (@dinosaure, @samoht) (#61, #62)

  • Add conveniences functions in common implementation (@hcarty) (#63)

  • Add option-returning functions in common implementation (@harcty) (#63)

  • Verify length of string on of_raw_string function (@hcarty) (#63)

  • Release runtime lock (@andersfugmann, @dinosaure, @cfcs) (#69, #70)

  • Bounds check (@cfcs, @dinosaure) (#71, #72)

  • Fixed linking problem (@andersfugmann, @g2p, @dinosaure) (#49, #53, #73, #74)

  • Update OPAM file (@dinosaure)

v0.6.1 2018-07-24 Paris (France)

  • breaking change API: Digestif implements a true linking trick. End-user need to explicitely link with digestif.{c,ocaml} and it needs to be the first of your dependencies.

  • move to jbuilder/dune

v0.6 2018-07-05 Paris (France)

  • breaking change API: From a consensus between people who use digestif, we decide to delete *.Bytes.* and *.Bigstring.* sub-modules. We replace it by feed_{bytes,string,bigstring} (digest_, and hmac_ too)

  • breaking change semantic: streaming and referentially transparent Add feedi_{bytes,string,bigstring}, digesti_{bytes,string,bigstring} and hmaci_{bytes,string,bigstring} (@hannesm, @cfcs)

  • Constant time for eq/neq functions (@cfcs)

  • breaking change semantic on compare and unsafe_compare: compare is not a lexicographical comparison function (rename to unsafe_compare) (@cfcs)

  • Add consistent_of_hex (@hannesm, @cfcs)

v0.4 2017-10-30 Mysore / ಮೈಸೂರು (India)

  • Add an automatised test suit

  • Add the RIPEMD160 hash algorithm

  • Add the BLAKE2S hash algorithm

  • Update authors

  • Add feed_bytes and feed_bigstring for Bytes and Bigstring

v0.3 2017-07-21 Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

  • Fixed issue #6

  • Make a new test suit

v0.2 2017-07-05 Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

  • Implementation of the hash function in pure OCaml

  • Link improvement (à la mtime) to decide to use the C stub or the OCaml implementation

  • Improvement of the common interface (pretty-print, type t, etc.)

v0.1 2017-05-12 Rạch Giá (Vietnam)

  • First release