package dolmen_loop

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Exit codes

type t

An exit code, i.e. an integer between 0 and 126.

val hash : t -> int
val equal : t -> t -> bool
val compare : t -> t -> int

Manipulating error codes

val create : category:string -> descr:string -> t

Create a new exit code. The string given is used as a description for the exit code. The create code is active by default.

val descr : t -> int * string

Return the actual integer associated to the code,

val category : t -> string

Category (used mainly for report documentation).

val errors : unit -> t list

Return the list of all created error exit codes.

Special exit codes

val ok : t

The 0 exit code, signalling everything ran fine.

val bug : t

Unexpected errors. This uses retcode 125 since this is also what cmdliner uses. This code will not appear in the list returned by rrors.

Predefined exit codes

val generic : t

Generic exit code.

val limit : t
val parsing : t

Exit code for parsing errors.

val typing : t

Exit codes for typing errors.

Exit code status

val exit : t -> _

Exit with the given code. Note: exit codes can be silenced, in which case the process will exit with an exit code of 0.

val is_abort : t -> bool

Whether an exit code is active.

val abort : t -> unit

Make the exit code abort instead of properly exiting.

val error : t -> unit

Make the exit code properly exit.


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