package dose3-extra

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Representation of a PEF package. This object gets a stanza (a list of list of fields) and return a pef object. Each field can be directly initialized using the optional arguments, providing the name of the field and an optional value. If the value is None, then the value is computed by parsing the corresponding field in the 822 stanza. Otherwise, the field is initialized using the given value (and ignoring the value in the 822 stanza).

Extra fields can be parsed and added to the stanza. The first element of extras is a list of tuples where the first element is a label indentifing a field and the second element is a parsing function. If the second element of extras is not None, then the list of (field,value) is append to the list of parsed extras from the 822 stanza.

Access methods

method extras : (string * string) list
val name : string *

low level val . Used in subclasses

val version : string * Dose_pef.Packages_types.version
val conflicts : string * Dose_pef.Packages_types.vpkglist
val provides : string * Dose_pef.Packages_types.vpkglist
val recommends : string * Dose_pef.Packages_types.vpkgformula
val installed : string * Dose_pef.Packages_types.installed
method get_extra : string -> string

get/set specific fields of the object

method add_extra : string -> string -> 'a
method set_extras : (string * string) list -> 'a
method set_installed : Dose_pef.Packages_types.installed -> 'a
method pp : Stdlib.out_channel -> unit

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