package easy_logging

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This is the Handlers module. It provides simple yet adaptable handlers implementation.

type log_formatter = Easy_logging__.Logging_types.log_item -> string

Type definitions

type filter = Easy_logging__.Logging_types.log_item -> bool
type t = {
  1. mutable fmt : log_formatter;
  2. mutable level : Easy_logging__.Logging_types.level;
  3. mutable filters : filter list;
  4. output : string -> unit;

Type of a handler

A handler is made of:

  • a formatter that transforms a log item into a string.
  • a level used to filter out items.
  • an array of possible additional custom filters.
  • an output function, that takes a string and does the output job.

Handlers creation helpers

module CliHandler : sig ... end

Module to create handlers that output to stdout or stderr.

module FileHandler : sig ... end

Module to create handlers that output to a file.

type config = {
  1. file_handlers : FileHandler.config;
val default_config : config
type desc
val make : ?config:config -> desc -> t

Used for quick handler creation, e.g.

  • Cli handler: outputs colored messages to stdout

    let h = Handlers.make (Cli Debug) 
  • File handler : outputs messages to a given file

    let h = Handlers.make (File ("filename", Debug)) 

Handlers setup

val set_level : t -> Easy_logging__.Logging_types.level -> unit

Sets the level of a handler.

val set_formatter : t -> log_formatter -> unit

Sets the formatter of a handler.

val add_filter : t -> filter -> unit

Adds a filter to a handler.

val apply : t -> Easy_logging__.Logging_types.log_item -> unit

Auxiliary function.


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