package equinoxe-hlc

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This module manages API parts related to authentification.

type id

Unique identifier to represent a key in the Equinix API.

type config = {
  1. id : id;
  2. token : string;
  3. read_only : bool;
  4. created_at : Equinoxe__.Equinoxe_intf.Date.t;
  5. description : string;

Representation of an API key config.

val id_of_string : string -> id

id_of_string str returns a unique identifier from the Equinix API.

val to_string : config -> string

to_string config returns a string representating an API key.

val get_keys : t -> config list io

get_keys t returns the keys available for the current user.

val create_key : t -> ?read_only:bool -> description:string -> unit -> config io

create_key t ~read_only ~description () creates a new API key on Equinix. Default value to read_only is true.

val delete_key : t -> id:id -> unit io

delete_key t ~id deletes the key referenced by id from the user keys.

val pp : config -> unit

pp config prints on stdout the config given.


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