package equinoxe-hlc

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This module deals with events that occure in Equinix.

type id

Unique identifier.

val id_of_string : string -> id

id_of_string str returns a string referencing the event in Equinix.

val id_to_string : id -> string

id_to_string id returns a string representation of the id.

type t = {
  1. id : id;
  2. state : State.t;
  3. event_type : string;
  4. body : string;
  5. created_at : Equinoxe__.Equinoxe_intf.Date.t;

A representation of an event.

val t_of_json : Ezjsonm.value -> t

t_of_json json extracts information about event from json. If the parsing fails, it raises an Ezjsonm.Parse_error exception.

val to_string : t -> string

to_string t returns a string representation of t.

val pp : t -> unit

pp t prints in a human readable way the t value.


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