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Fmt TTY setup.

Fmt_tty provides simple automatic setup on channel formatters for:

  • Fmt.set_style_renderer. `Ansi_tty is used if the channel is a tty and the environment variable TERM is defined and its value is not "dumb". `None is used otherwise.
  • Fmt.set_utf_8. true is used if one of the following environment variables has "UTF-8" as a case insensitive substring: LANG, LC_ALL, LC_CTYPE.

TTY setup

val setup : ?style_renderer:Fmt.style_renderer -> ?utf_8:bool -> Stdlib.out_channel -> Stdlib.Format.formatter

setup ?style_renderer ?utf_8 outc is a formatter for outc with Fmt.set_style_renderer and Fmt.set_utf_8 correctly setup. If style_renderer or utf_8 are specified they override the automatic setup.

If outc is stdout, Fmt.stdout is returned. If outc is stderr, Fmt.stderr is returned.

val setup_std_outputs : ?style_renderer:Fmt.style_renderer -> ?utf_8:bool -> unit -> unit

setup_std_outputs ?style_renderer ?utf_8 () applies setup on stdout and stderr.


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