GDAL Data Sets

type t
val t : t Ctypes.typ
val t_opt : t option Ctypes.typ

Data set

exception Invalid_source
exception Invalid_projection
exception Band_error
exception Copy_error
exception Overview_error
exception Wrong_data_type
val of_source : ?write:bool -> string -> [ `Error of [> `Invalid_source ] | `Ok of t ]

of_source ?write name opens the source name for access.

  • parameter write

    defaults to false (read-only)

  • parameter name

    is source-type specific. See the upstream GDAL documentation for more information.

  • returns

    `Invalid_source if name does not represent a valid data source.

val of_source_exn : ?write:bool -> string -> t

Like of_source except that this function raises Invalid_source if there is an error.

val close : t -> unit

close t closes the data set t.

val with_source : ?write:bool -> string -> (t -> [> `Error of [> `Invalid_source ] ] as 'a) -> 'a

with_source ?write name f opens name and calls f src if name is a valid data source. The data source passed to f will be closed if f returns normally or raises an exception.

This is a wrapper around of_source. See its documentation for a description of the expected arguments.

val with_source_exn : ?write:bool -> string -> (t -> 'a) -> 'a

Like with_source except that this function raises Invalid_source if there is an error when trying to open the data source.

val get_driver : t -> Driver.t

get_driver t returns the driver associated with t.

val get_projection : t -> string

get_projection t returns a string representing the projection applied to t.

val get_x_size : t -> int
val get_y_size : t -> int

get_x/y_size t returns the x or y dimension of t's rasters.

val get_count : t -> int

get_count t returns number of raster bands in t.

val get_band : t -> int -> ('v, 'e) Band.Data.t -> ('v, 'e) Band.t

get_band t i kind returns the ith raster band from t.

  • parameter i

    is 1-based, not 0-based

  • parameter kind

    is the native data type of the band

  • raises Wrong_data_type

    if kind is not correct

val get_band_data_type : t -> int -> [ `byte | `uint16 | `int16 | `uint32 | `int32 | `float32 | `float64 | `unknown | `unhandled ]

get_band_data_type t i returns the native data type of the ith band in t.

val add_band : ?options:string list -> t -> ('v, 'e) Band.Data.t -> unit

add_band ?options t kind adds a band of type kind to t.

val create_copy : ?strict:bool -> ?options:string list -> t -> Driver.t -> string -> [ `Error of [ `Invalid_source ] | `Ok of t ]

create_copy ?strict ?options t driver name creates a copy of t.

  • parameter driver

    specifies the driver to use for the copy.

val create_copy_exn : ?strict:bool -> ?options:string list -> t -> Driver.t -> string -> t

Like create_copy except that the function raises Invalid_source if there is an error.

val create : ?options:string list -> ?bands:(int * (_, _) Band.Data.t) -> Driver.t -> string -> (int * int) -> [ `Error of [ `Invalid_source ] | `Ok of t ]

create ?options ?bands driver name size creates a new t with the given specifications.

  • parameter size

    specifies the (x, y) dimensions of bands in pixels

  • parameter bands

    specifies the number of bands to initialize in the data set and their data type

val create_exn : ?options:string list -> ?bands:(int * (_, _) Band.Data.t) -> Driver.t -> string -> (int * int) -> t

Like create except that the function raises Invalid_source if there is an error.

val copy : ?options:string list -> src:t -> dst:t -> unit

copy ?options ~src ~dst efficiently copies data from src to dst. Number and dimensions of the included bands must match. The data types of each band do not need to match.

val set_projection : t -> string -> unit

set_project t wkt_projection sets the projection for t. The projection string should be in WKT format.

val of_band : (_, _) Band.t -> t

of_band band returns the t associated with band.

val build_overviews : ?bands:int list -> t -> int list -> string -> unit

build_overviews ?bands t factors resampling builds overviews for t on bands bands using decimation factors factors with resampling method resampling.