These functions come from OGR C API's OGR_F_* namespace.

type t
val t : t Ctypes.typ
val t_opt : t option Ctypes.typ

Values for proper Ctypes integration/extension

val get_as_integer : t -> int -> int
val get_as_double : t -> int -> float
val get_as_string : t -> int -> string

get_as_* t i returns field i from feature t.

val get_geometry_ref : t -> Geometry.t

get_geometry_ref t returns the geometry associated with t. You must keep t around for the life of the returned Geometry.t. Use get_geometry_copy to avoid this requirement.

val get_geometry_copy : t -> Geometry.t

get_geometry_copy t returns a copy of the geometry associated with t. It is equivalent to calling get_geometry_ref t |> Geometry.clone.

val destroy : t -> unit

destroy t frees the feature t.

module Defn : sig ... end