Pixel <-> coordinate transformation

val get : Data_set.t -> t

get t returns the geotransform array associated with t.

val get_origin : t -> float * float

get_origin t returns the (x, y) origin of rasters in t.

val get_pixel_size : t -> float * float

get_pixel_size t returns the (x, y) pixel size of the rasters in t.

val get_rotation : t -> float * float

get_rotation t returns the rotation of rasters in t.

val make : origin:(float * float) -> pixel_size:(float * float) -> rotation:(float * float) -> t

make ~origin ~pixel_size ~rotation creates a geotransform with the given specifications.

val set : Data_set.t -> t -> unit

set t sets the geotransform array for t.

val apply : t -> x:float -> y:float -> float * float

apply t ~x ~y returns (x, y) translated by t, generally from native coordinates to pixel coordinates or from pixel coordinates to native coordinates.

val invert : t -> t

invert t inverts the geotransform t.