val init_dynamic : ?lib:string -> unit -> unit

init_dynamic ?lib () will load the shared object lib. It must be run before using this library.

  • parameter lib

    defaults to ""

val register_all : unit -> unit

register_all () will register all GDAL and OGR data sources. This should be run before using most IO can be performed.

all_register is an alias to match the GDAL C API spelling.

val check_version : ?caller:string -> major:int -> minor:int -> bool

check_version ~major ~minor returns true if the loaded GDAL version matches major.minor.

val set_cache_max : int64 -> unit

set_cache_max bytes sets the maximum cache size in bytes used by GDAL for raster block IO.

val get_cache_max : unit -> int64

get_cache_max () returns the maximum block IO cache size in bytes.

val get_cache_used : unit -> int64

get_cache_used () returns the number of bytes in GDAL's IO cache.

val set_config_option : string -> string option -> unit

set_config_option key value sets the global configuration option for key to value. If value is None then key is cleared.

val get_config_option : ?default:string -> string -> string option

get_config_option ?default key returns the value associated with key. If no value is associated with key then default is returned.

val get_last_error_message : unit -> string

get_last_error_message () returns a string representation of the last error to occur.