Spatial References

These functions come from OGR C API's OSR* namespace.

type t
val t : t Ctypes.typ
val t_opt : t option Ctypes.typ
exception Spatial_reference_error
val make : [ `proj4 | `wkt | `name ] -> string -> t

make kind def will create a new t from def.

  • parameter kind

    Specifies what kind of definition is in def. `proj4 for a PROJ.4 defintion, `wkt for a Well Known Text definition or `name for a well known name definition (ex. "EPSG:4326" or "WGS84").

  • raises Spatial_reference_error

    if def is not a valid definition of type kind.

val to_proj4 : t -> string

to_proj4 t returns the PROJ.4 string definition matching t.

val to_wkt : ?pretty:bool -> ?simplify:bool -> t -> string

to_wkt ?pretty ?simplify t returns the WKT string definition matching t.