package github-unix

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The Scope module abstracts GitHub's authorization scopes.

val to_string : Github_t.scope -> string

to_string scope is the string GitHub uses to indicate the scope constructor scope.

val of_string : string -> Github_t.scope option

scope_of_string scope is the constructor corresponding to the GitHub scope constructor scope if one exists.

val list_to_string : Github_t.scope list -> string

string_of_scopes scopes is the serialization for a list of scopes scopes which GitHub accepts as a set of scopes in its API.

val list_of_string : string -> Github_t.scope list option

scopes_of_string scopes are the scope constructors corresponding to the serialized list of constructors scopes.

val all : Github_t.scope list

all is a list containing every scope constructor known.

val max : Github_t.scope list

max is a list containing the mimimum scope constructors needed to enable full privilege.


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