package gitlab-unix

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The Merge_request module provides access to Merge requests notes API.

val list : ?token:Token.t -> project_id:int -> merge_request_iid:string -> ?sort:Gitlab_t.sort -> unit -> Gitlab_t.note Stream.t

list ?token ~project_id ~merge_request_iid Request a list of a merge request notes. See List all merge request notes.

val by_id : ?token:Token.t -> project_id:int -> merge_request_iid:string -> note_id:int -> unit -> Gitlab_t.note Response.t Monad.t

by_id ?token ~project_id ~merge_request_iid ~note_id Get a single note for a given merge request. See Get single merge request note.

val create : token:Token.t -> project_id:int -> merge_request_iid:string -> create_note:Gitlab_t.create_note -> unit -> Gitlab_t.note Response.t Monad.t

create ?token ~project_id ~merge_request_iid ~body Creates a new note. See Create new merge request note.


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