package graphv_webgl

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val set : t -> int -> float -> unit

set t off value will set the value at offset off in the buffer.

val get : t -> int -> float

get t off will return the value at offset off.

val length : t -> int

Return the number of elements in the buffer.

val create : int -> t

Creates a new buffer. The buffer is initialized with zeros.

val blit : src:t -> s_off:int -> dst:t -> d_off:int -> len:int -> unit

Copy one buffer into another.

  • parameter src

    The buffer to copy from.

  • parameter s_off

    The offset to start copying from the src buffer.

  • parameter dst

    The buffer to copy to.

  • parameter d_off

    The offset to start copying to the dst buffer.

  • parameter len

    The number of values to copy.

val fill : t -> float -> unit

Fill the buffer with the given value.


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