Hardcaml Verification Tools
module Basic_gates : sig ... end
module Cnf : sig ... end

Data structure for creating CNF formulae.

module Comb_gates : sig ... end

Hardcaml combinational logic API using lists of Basic_gate.ts.

module Dimacs : sig ... end
module Is_one_hot : sig ... end

Computes information about the one-hotness of a vector. In addition it can compute if no bits are set or more than 1 bit is set.

module Label : sig ... end

Labels represent named variables. They contain a uid (unique identifier) which is constructed when the label is created. The name is not used for comparison.

module Nusmv : sig ... end
module Sat : sig ... end
module Sec : sig ... end

Sequential equivalence checking.

module Solver : sig ... end
module Tseitin : sig ... end