A terminal based digital waveform viewer for Hardcaml

Notty based gfx API. We need to use an intermediate in memory representation for notty.

include module type of Hardcaml_waveterm.Draw.In_memory with type style = Hardcaml_waveterm.Draw.In_memory.style

In memory based API with no external requirements

include Hardcaml_waveterm.Draw.S with type ctx = point Hardcaml_waveterm.Import.array Hardcaml_waveterm.Import.array and type style = Hardcaml_waveterm.Draw.Style.t with type style = Hardcaml_waveterm.Draw.In_memory.style

underlying style type

val get_bounds : ctx -> Hardcaml_waveterm.Draw.rect

get context size

convert our style info to underlying style

clear display

fill bounds with char given style

draw string (nothing fancy - horizontal, no breaks)

draw box outline with label

val to_image : ctx -> Notty.I.t