package inquire

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Module type
Class type
type buf

Type of Zed_string buffers.

val create : int -> buf

Create a new empty buffer.

val contents : buf -> t

contents buffer returns the contents of buffer as a Zed_string.t.

val clear : buf -> unit

clear buffer clear the contents of buffer.

val reset : buf -> unit

reset buffer resets buffer to its initial state.

val length : buf -> int

length buffer returns the length of the contents in buffer

val add_zChar : buf -> Zed_char.t -> unit

add buffer zChar add zChar at the end of buffer.

val add_uChar : buf -> Stdlib.Uchar.t -> unit

add buffer uChar add uChar at the end of buffer.

val add_string : buf -> t -> unit

add buffer str add str at the end of buffer.

val add_buffer : buf -> buf -> unit

add buffer buf add buf at the end of buffer.


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