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Jekyll blog post handling library

Jekyll is a simple, blog-aware static site generator that takes a template directory of files and turns them into a website. This library exists to parse those blog posts and make them easy to manipulate from OCaml code.

v0.1.0 — homepage

type t = {
  1. fname : string option;
  2. title : string;
  3. date : Ptime.t;
  4. slug : string;
  5. body : Jekyll_format.body;
  6. fields : Jekyll_format.fields;

t is a single Jekyll-format post that has been parsed

val of_string : ?fname:string -> string -> (t, [> Rresult.R.msg ]) Result.result

of_string ?fname body

val of_string_exn : ?fname:string -> string -> t

of_string_exn ?fname body operates as of_string except that it raises a Jekyll_format.Parse_failure exception on error.

val compare : t -> t -> int

compare a b will compare by date and then lexigraphically on the title