Library to read and convert Kicad Sch files
Library kicadsch
Module Kicadsch . Sigs
type orientation =
| Orient_H
| Orient_V

orientation of a text

type coord =
| Coord of int * int

absolute coordinates in the drawing

type size =
| Size of int

font size of a text

type justify =
| J_left
| J_right
| J_center
| J_bottom
| J_top

Text justification of a text

type style =
| Bold
| Italic
| BoldItalic
| NoStyle

Style of a text

type kolor = [
| `NoColor
| `Black
| `Green
| `Red
| `Blue
| `Brown

Color of the text. These are the colors appearing in Kicad schematics

type transfo = (int * int) * (int * int)

Transformation matrix of a relative coordinate around an absolute coordinate. The matrix is layed out as a pair of lines of pairs

type revision =
| First of string
| Second of string
| No_Rev
module type Painter = sig ... end

A module able to paint a canvas with several graphic primitives and then to process the canvas into a picture file format. The functions are supposed to be pure

module type SchPainter = sig ... end

A module able to paint a schematic file in a painter context

module type CompPainter = sig ... end

The library that is able to read component libraries and memorize the read components. Then when passed a drawing context and a component to paint it can paint the component on demand to the drawing context