Library to read and convert Kicad Sch files
Module type Kicadsch . Sigs . CompPainter
type t

A component Library manager

type drawContext

A drawing context

val lib : unit -> t

lib ()

  • returns

    an empty new component manager

val append_lib : string -> t -> t

append_lib stream context appends the lib contained in the stream to the context.

  • returns

    the updated context

val plot_comp : t -> string -> int -> coord -> transfo -> bool -> drawContext -> drawContext * bool

plot_comp lib name partnumber origin transformation allow_missing context find in lib the component with given name and plot the part partnumber at origin after transfomation into the graphical context and the fact that the component is multipart. If the component is not found, raise an exception, unless allow_missing is true.

  • returns

    the updated graphical context