Library to read and convert Kicad Sch files
Library kicadsch
Module type Kicadsch . Sigs . SchPainter
type schContext

the schematic context

type painterContext

the underlying context

val initial_context : ?allow_missing_component:bool -> revision -> schContext

initial_context allow_missing_component revision

  • returns

    an new empty context

val add_lib : string -> schContext -> schContext

add_lib line context parse the content of line provided to libs to the context.

  • returns

    the updated context

val parse_line : String.t -> schContext -> schContext

parse_line line context parse a new line of schematic and update context.

  • returns

    the updated context

val output_context : schContext -> painterContext

output_context context output write the context as a image format to output