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Library for Zipperposition








  • compatibility with ocaml 4.08

  • move to sneeuwballen organization

  • migrate to dune

  • changes in HO

  • use msat.0.8

  • migrate to iter instead of sequence

  • make build a bit more robust wrt warn-error

  • add travis CI

  • perf improvements

  • perf: use profile=release

  • make floor (and co) a function from real to real

  • two bugfixes for polymorphic function types

  • fix(demo): update resolution demo so it builds again

  • fix(superposition): do not try to rewrite type arguments

  • chore: update opam files to 2.0

  • move to alcotest for tests

  • improve ho selection restrictions

  • perf: optimize debugf function (closes #21)

  • support more cases in THF parser

  • less selection restrictions for lfhol-calculi

  • cli option for fool

  • bugfix: KBO variable balance for applied variables

  • In TPTP, interpret untyped variables as $i, not as a fresh type variable

  • Don't rewrite heads in subsumption module

  • complete variables one-by-one in complete_eq_args (ArgCong)

  • dont rewrite heads in the presence of type variables or nonmonotonicity

  • loosen assertion in whnf_deref_rec

  • Use type arguments in orderings

  • missing supatvars flag should switch off hidden supatvars


  • be compatible with sequence >= 1.0

  • cli option to switch off maximal number of variables per clause

  • Dockerfile and instructions to build a docker image

  • add eta-reduction to LLTerm

  • update phases API + params so it's easier to use from utop

  • move to jbuilder

  • fail early when unifying a variable and a polymorphic constant

  • More realistic test to expose a bug in unification of polymorphic terms

  • upper bound on msat and deps on logtk

  • fix for llprover (use congruence correctly for poly equalities)

  • printer for congruence

  • cache llproof checking result, display it in llproof-printing

  • refactor proof checker to look more like a tableaux prover + dot printing

  • llprover: hack to allow checking of rewriting steps that occur under binders

  • split proof checker into its own module LLProver

  • add linear expressions and arith predicates in LLTerm

  • make demodulation more robust

  • bugfix in Type.apply for polymorphic type arguments

  • stop positive extensionality rule from removing type arguments

  • moved detection for "distinct object" syntax into TypeInference

  • omit type declarations for distinct objects in TPTP output

  • bugfix restrict_to_scope: recursive call when variable already in scope

  • bugfix: type of polymorphic application in app_encode tool

  • bugfix: app_encode extensionality axiom needs type arguments

  • fo_detector tool to count problems with applied variables

  • clean up Subst module

  • bugfix: wrong polymorphic types in returned unifier

  • remove hornet from makefile, improve logitest targets

  • remove hornet

  • better type error messages

  • make Subst.apply tailrec

  • "int" mode for variable purification

  • bugfix: unquote identifiers in TPTP parser


  • remove inlining on parsers

  • cli option for ext-neg rule

  • add --check-types for checking types deeply in new clauses

  • Add ExistsConst (??) and ForallConst (!!) to TPTP parser

  • TPTP parser: allow function types as THF terms

  • add cli option -bt (alias for --backtraces)

  • completion of equalities with λ-abstractions as RHS in type inference

  • THF parser: allow for @ applications in types

  • cli flag for ext_pos

  • App encode: binary for app-encoding HO applications into FO

  • bugfix in ho unification

  • in unification, fix order in which bound variables are added to env

  • bugfix in unification (would produce wrong type)

  • do not simplify in demodulation

  • Add StarExec instructions to readme

  • bugfixes app_encode

  • β-normalize rewrite rules that are eq-completed

  • uniform output of “SZS status” instead of “SZS Status”

  • auto flattening of applications in STerm

  • fix examples/ho/extensionality1.zf by forbidding some HO demodulations

  • fix tag managing (and therefore proof checking) for Lit.is_absurd

  • bugfix in proof checking related to instantiation

  • bugfix in NPDtree

  • more elegant and robust sup-at-var condition

  • sup-at-var condition with polymorphism

  • remove literal comparison by constraint

  • no selection of literals containing ho variables

  • Stricter sup-at-vars condition

  • purify naked variables


  • experimental proof checking with --check (and --dot-llproof <file>)
    does not work on all proofs, ignores arith and fails on demodulation
    under lambdas, for now.

  • experimental HO branches from Alex Bentkamp (@benti), including advanced term orderings
    and variations on higher-order lambda-free superposition

  • parser for a fragment of dedukti

  • end-to-end proof output, starting from input statements

  • large refactoring of Proof, with Proof.result being object-like

  • get rid of dependency on tip-parser

  • bugfix: prevent superposition on non-closed terms (from Geoff)

  • Rename --purify to --ho-purify

  • don't do sup at vars by default

  • Replace kbo and rpo6 by their lambda-free counter-parts

    • Length-Lexicographic symbol status; Merge redundant term_to_head definitions

    • length-lexicographic comparison for lfhokbo

    • mandatory args for skolem constants (to not depend on choice)

  • KBO with argument coefficients

  • Blanchette's lambda-free higher order KBO (by @benti)

  • Rename IDOrBuiltin to Head

  • Blanchette's lambda-free higher-order RPO (by @benti)


  • some HO support (with pattern unification)

  • only ignore positive version of x=y → …, not other equational rules

  • remove remnants of orphan criterion

  • add pp_in signature in many modules

  • demodulation under lambdas

  • HO pattern unification

  • add positive extensionality rule in HO

  • add eta-reduction, enabled by default

  • allow superposition to operate on non-closed terms

  • better random generator for HO terms

  • only perform primitive enum on clauses with low penalty

  • primitive enumeration of predicate variables

  • in FOOL, only extract closed terms to toplevel

  • add Lambda module with WHNF and SNF

  • proper skolemization in negative extensionality rule

  • bugfixes for Multiset

  • use logitest for tests

  • remove orient tool

  • full ZF printing, with proof output and proper commenting

  • better stats and options for arith; cli option for redundant_by_ineq

  • add polarized rewriting rewrite foo => bar

  • fix bug in AC for non-FO terms (closes #13)

  • introduce attribute for SOS (set of support)

  • propagate attributes properly in CNF and type inference

  • in induction, only keep inductive clusters(!)

  • basic TPTP THF parser; update TPTP parser to support THF, remove ambiguities

  • update literal ordering to have a basic approximation for rational lits

  • add ho-complete-eq for completing positive equations

  • block eq-resolution and destr-eq-res on shielded variables

  • in induction, x=y puts x and y in same cluster

  • branch using full HO unification

  • branch using combinators for HO functions

  • detect .tptp files as TPTP

  • in Cnf, rewrite f=λ x.t into ∀x. f x=t

  • add calculi/Higher_order module; disable completeness if HO

  • declare missing rule C (proj-1 x)…(proj-n x) --> x for cstors

  • associate a rewrite rule to inductive type's projectors

  • option for dumping sat solver logs into a file


  • calculus for rational arith

  • do not simplify too eagerly before trying induction

  • add optional fuel limit on term rewriting

  • disable orphan criterion by default

  • remove age in clause queues; make FIFO queue simpler

  • re-strenghten again eq-subsumption, by using anti-unification

  • generalization on variables occurring both in active and passive pos in induction

  • add ArLiteral to generate arbitrary literals

  • disable trivial-ineq for arith, by default

  • new clause queue, "almost-bfs"

  • induction: simplify goals before doing cut on them

  • apply exhaustiveness only for non-rec datatypes

  • refactor Test_prop to use narrowing, instead of smallcheck

  • in arith, remove completeness in case of --no-arith, too

  • use a weight α·ω+β in (T)KBO precedence; use classify_cst for weights

  • have some warnings in .zf files if identifiers are used undeclared

  • normalize term a=b into the corresponding literal

  • do not do sub-inductions in clauses with positive lemma(s) in trail

  • only do induction on active positions (or under uninterpreted syms)

  • add pattern-matching and if/then/else to .zf native format

  • add Test_prop in core library, with basic smallcheck

  • add arithmetic to ZF parser

  • bugfix in zipper: stornger purification avoid some spurious saturations

  • in induction, only perform sub-induction in an already inductive clause

  • rename libzipperposition back into logtk, fix some compat issues

  • improvements in Unif.unif_list_com and IArray

  • use new FV_tree in zipperposition

  • add FV_tree structure, a new implem of feature vectors

  • skolemization re-uses variables names, but lowercase

  • add warn-error @8

  • add dimacs dump for the SAT solver

  • extract proof from SAT solver

  • update to containers 1.0

  • use a simpler Hash module

  • use result everywhere, ditch variant-based error type

  • add forall (x y : ty). … syntax (close #4 again)

  • more concise syntax for pi (a:type)(b:type).… (close #4)

  • collapse Πx:type.… → type into type→…→type

  • lambda-lifting in Cnf.flatten to deal with anonymous functions

  • fix type inference for higher-order applications (var args)

  • basic parsing of arith operators and constants for TIP

  • end-to-end proof tracing, simpler Statement, remove StatementSrc

  • make def-as-rewrite true by default

  • add let to core terms

  • add ite and match in STerm and TypedSTerm

  • add Fool calculus for dealing with boolean subterms

  • more rules in basic_simplification

  • remove everything about the meta-prover

  • bugfix in sat_solver for evaluating 0-level lits

  • allow boolean rewrite rules of the form t or ~ t

  • automatic re-generalization of non-induction variables in strengthening


  • rewrite induction

  • rewrite typechecking and CNF with new intermediate typed AST

  • merge logtk into zipperposition again

  • TIP parser

  • remove hashconsed strings, use ID instead

  • in TPTP, role "lemma" will be considered as a proper lemma

  • share subproofs obtained from SAT solver

  • better heuristic in ClauseQueue for deep inductive clauses

  • add an include statement for ZF

  • properly use Msat proofs in Avatar.simplify_trail

  • make proof handling in Sat_solver transparent

  • make Dtree bounded in depth

  • add a new "AC" attribute in ZF, extend attribute system

  • add SClause, unfunctorize BBox,ProofStep,Trail, use Msat proofs

  • implement term narrowing (+ add some profiling)

  • term and clause rewriting (deduction modulo)

  • tests: use OUnit2

  • Cnf: conversion of prop rewrite rules requires polarization

  • optimize injectivity_destruct{+,-}: disregard type (dis)equations

  • move almost everything from Zipperposition to Phases_impl

  • introduce Phases, a monadic description of the steps taken by main

  • make induction enabled by default

  • add translation of inductive problems in .zf

  • rename type_check_tptp into type_check (several input formats)

  • conditional compilation of the prover itself (for debugging the library)

  • add warn in Util, add colors in Util.debug

  • update Hashcons, with global state, and alternative impl with Hashtbl

  • move printing exception, factor code, rename cnf_of_tptp

  • options for choosing the input format (zf/tptp)

  • new parser and lexer for a ML-like format, ZF

  • simpler, more efficient Superposition.compare_literals_subsumption

  • change FOTerm.Classic so that App merges type and term arguments

  • introduce TypedSTerm.Meta for destructive unification

  • add a Binder module

  • split Symbol into Symbol and Builtin

  • distinction debug/debugf

  • big change: use a pack again for core library

  • refactor: rename PrologTerm into STerm (simple term)

  • move src/base to src/core

  • refactor: use equal and compare

  • refactoring: change some types, fix warning, Format everywhere

  • move pelletier_problems into examples; add tests/ dir with script



  • breaking: remove Type.tType, makes no sense in the end

  • breaking: HOterm: replace TyAt with TyLift (lifts a type to a term)

  • breaking: add explicit forall/exists to HOTerm, remove rigid var case


  • fix bug in Type Inference

  • more error reporting using Printexc and backtraces (requires ocaml >= 4.01)

  • improve printers

  • fix bug in HOterm.open_at

  • convert into τ in type inference, if required (application)

  • parser_ho:

    • accept (var:type) as a term

    • fix ambiguities, parse @a (type lifted to term)

    • now lifts types to terms

    • fix parser so it handles forall/exists and has no ambiguity

  • rename some constructors (prefixed with 'Logtk' because of overkill sed)

  • bugfix in builtin.theory

  • meta-prover: remove rigidification, use explicit quantifiers, udpdate builtin.theory

  • meta-prover: use sections for debug, forbid rigid vars in axioms/theories

  • add function in meta-prover encoding

  • update vim syntax for theory files

  • add a few functions to HOTerm

  • printer in meta/encoding

  • enable logtk.meta by default


  • breaking: remove array utils from LogktUtil, use CCArray instead

  • breaking: remove list utils from LogktUtil, use CCList instead

  • vim support for theory files

  • fix bug in solving/Lpo (fresh names collision)

  • fix logtk.solving, using Msat rather than (patched) aez

  • Skolem.clear_skolem_cache

  • Util.debugf for Format-based debugging

  • small fixes post-0.6.2


  • fix the list of modules in API doc

  • fix in Precedence: use symbol equality

  • add general info in two cases of parsers.ast_tptp: TypeDecl and NewType

  • fix quick tests

  • more recent opam file

  • Skolem: instantiation functions

  • better printing of types (de Bruijn) in foterms

  • use Sequence rather than CCSequence


  • remove -pack for Logtk, renamed modules from
    <Foo> to Logtk<Foo> (to use 4.02s module aliasing)

  • remove useless -def-limit argument to the CNF

  • use -no-alias-deps when compiling

  • fix parsers/Util_tptp.find_file behavior w.r.t $TPTP env variable

  • do not rename atomic formulas in CNF (close #1)

  • FeatureVector.{iter,fold} implemented

  • flush stdout on debug

  • add Options.mk_global_opts, deprecating Options.global_opts

  • section mechanism for Util.debug (in Util.Section) with inheritance

  • bugfix in Precedence.Constr.invfreq

  • update arbitrary instances to use qcheck-0.3's fix_fuel combinator

  • PartialOrder (and Precedence) give more details when the ordering is not total

  • new functions in the precedence

  • new modules Precedence_intf, Ordering_intf, PartialOrder_intf


  • do not depend on CCError.t arity

  • require bytes to keep compatibility with < 4.02 (String.init too recent)

  • Skolem: at creation, now possible to specify prefix for Tseitin atoms

  • Util: removed a String.create deprecation warning

  • FeatureVector.Make.retrieve_alpha_equiv

  • opam file (for easy development version)


  • better CNF (with more accurate criterion to choose whether to rename formulas)

  • Util.set_{memory,time}_limit

  • remove old files


  • FOTerm.weight

  • Type.depth

  • KBO checks that weights are > 0

  • use a flag in Formula.simplify, for memoization; makes CNF fast again on some examples

  • expose ScopedTerm.flags

  • Precedence: make it possible to choose/change the weight fun

  • updated README to favor opam


  • demo program

  • oasis: --enable-demo flag

  • arithmetic binary predicates are polymorphic ($sum, etc)

  • target in Makefile to update @next_release tags

  • refactor:

    • unification now works with two (optional) DB environments in which bound variables of both terms live.

    • matching: parameter ?allow_open is now used properly in rewriting and indexing

  • unif.res_head

  • N-ary unification now uses Sequence (simpler, more efficient)


  • sort list of modules in doc/api_intro.txt

  • code cleanup in ScopedTerm.Seq, less closures, simpler

  • bugfix in scopedTerm.DB.open_vars (shift variables!)

  • profiling information in CNF

  • safety check in CNF: clauses must be closed (!)

  • bugfix: Formula.is_closed

  • fix printing of Type in TPTP

  • add PrologTerm.Syntactic constructor (in place of SimpleApp which doesn't make much sense)

  • cleanup: check i>=0 for bvar/var in ScopedTerm, share a common fresh_var generator

  • simplified and factorized some code (share term containers)


  • module Sourced; removed Formula.sourced and the likes

  • changed printing of arith variables

  • simplify interface for De Bruijn in ScopedTerm;
    more compact implementation using iterators

  • safe API for type inference, using the error
    monad CCError.t everywhere (also in Util_tptp)


  • cleanup:

    • remove submodules, lib/Monad, and many symlinks

    • replace Monad.Err with CCError

  • explicit dependency of logtk on sequence and containers

  • logtk_parsers depends on menhir as a build tool

  • fix issues with build system (solving flag)

  • substitution membership for views

  • changed hash function

  • use lib benchmark rather than bench

  • use the new CCHash api for hash functions that take and return int64 values

  • add Signature.is_empty

  • profiling annotations

  • printing of NPDtree into dot

  • use CCList and CCKList (in unification)

  • allow to protect some variables in Unif.Unary.match_same_scope

  • perf improvement: useless buffer allocation in Util.debug

  • Multiset:

    • printer, qtest, and new comparison function

    • API change, now a functor dealing with very large multiplicities
      of elements using Zarith

  • ForallTy constructor

  • function Comparison.dominates

  • bugfixes:

    • do not rename variables for skolemized formulas (otherwise variables won't match)

    • Formula.simplify

    • Unif.Unary.eq

    • Comparison.@>>

    • FOTerm.head

    • arith_hook printer in FOTerm

  • enable bin_annot

  • printer hooks in formulas

  • Unif: equality up to substitution implemented

  • in NPDTree, do not capture Not_found that could be raised by the user callback

  • lexicographic combinators in Comparison

  • module lib/IArray for immutable arrays (previously used in Multiset)

  • more abstract requirement for Clause index (feature vector...)

  • cli flag to disable ordering generation in hysteresis

  • hooks for Cnf

note: git log --no-merges previous_version..HEAD --pretty=%s