package lustre-v6

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Time-stamp: <modified the 21/01/2015 (at 15:43) by Erwan Jahier>

val doit : LicPrg.t -> unit

Check node declaration wrt safety and memory.

More precisely, a node that has memory ougth to be declared using "node", and using "function" otherwise.

Moreover, a node that performs side-effects (i.e., if it calls an extern node that performs side effects) ougth to be declared as "unsafe".

Safe/unsafe mismatches raise an error.

Memory mismatches raise an error in one way (a "function" that uses memory), and a warning in the other way (a "node" that uses no memory).

val is_safe_val_exp : LicPrg.t -> Lic.val_exp -> bool
val is_memoryless_val_exp : LicPrg.t -> Lic.val_exp -> bool

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