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Class type

Object describing various characteristics of a mesh.

inherit 'layout pslg
method triangle : 'layout int_mat

Array of triangle corners: for each triangle, give the 3 indices of its corners, followed by (the indices of) other nodes if the triangle represents a nonlinear element. Its size is c * n (fortran_layout) where n > 0 is the number of triangles and c >= 3 is the number of nodes.

method neighbor : 'layout int_mat

Array of triangle neighbors; 3 int per triangle. It is of size 3 * n (fortran_layout) where n is 0 (i.e., neighbouring information is not given) or the number of triangles. Negative entries must be skipped (boundary triangles have less than 3 neighbors).

method edge : 'layout int_mat

Array of edge endpoints; 2 int per edge. It is of size 2 * n (fortran_layout) where n > 0 is the number of edges.

method edge_marker : 'layout int_vec

Array of edge markers. Edges inside the domain receive the marker 0. It must either be empty (meaning that the information is not provided) or it must be of size n, where n is the number of edges.