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CLI program for generating audio files







CLI program for generating audio files

Supported commands:

  • saw, sine, square, triangle

Generate a waveform with a specified duration and frequency. Duration can be
specified in hours, minutes or seconds, or as a number of beats and a tempo in
BPM. For example:

Generate 5 seconds of saw wave:

mkaudio saw --frequency 440 --duration 5s sound.wav

Generate a sine wave lasting 4 beats at 120bpm (i.e. 2 seconds):

mkaudio sine --frequency 440 --beats 4 --tempo 120 sound.wav

Generate a square wave lasting half a minute:

mkaudio square --frequency 440 --duration 0.5m sound.wav
  • white-noise

Duration is specified in the same way as for waveforms, e.g. to generate 10
seconds of white noise:

mkaudio white-noise --duration 10s sound.wav
  • beat

Generate a simple beat from kick, snare and hi-hat patterns. Patterns are
specified as strings; each character which is 1 or x corresponds to a drum
hit; any other character corresponds to a lack of drum hit. Each character
represents one sixteenth note at the specified tempo. The --repeats parameter
allows generation of longer beats without typing in long repetitive patterns.

8 beats of eighth note hihats:

mkaudio beat --hihat 10 --repeats 16 --tempo 120 sound.wav

A simple syncopated beat lasting 4 beats:

mkaudio beat \
    --kick 1001000100100000 \
    --snare 0000100000001000 \
    --hihat 1111111111111111 \
    --tempo 120 sound.wav

For more information, and all optional parameters, see mkaudio --help and
mkaudio <command> --help.