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Self-describing Hash Functions

The multihash library allows you to create hash functions that self-describe. This means that just given the digest, the multihash library can tell you the length of the digest along with the kind of hash it is (one of Multicodec.multihash).

This can be useful if you are writing libraries that want to be able to handle multiple hashing functions in the future (e.g. moving away from SHA1 because it is no longer cryptographically secure) or if you want to distribute your hashes to someone else along with the content so they can verify the two independently.

For an implementation of this library have a look at Multihash_digestif.

module type Hasher = sig ... end
module type S = sig ... end
module type Maker = sig ... end
module Make : Maker
module Uvarint : sig ... end

Unsigned Variable Length Integers