package ocaml-base-compiler

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type t

A table used for freshening of identifiers in Project_closure and Move_within_set_of_closures ("ids of closures"); and Project_var ("bound vars of closures") expressions.

This information is propagated bottom up and populated when inlining a function containing a closure declaration.

For instance, let f x = let g y = ... x ... in ... g.x ... (Project_var x) ... g 1 ... (Apply (Project_closure g ...))

If f is inlined, g is renamed. The approximation of g will carry this table such that later the access to the field x of g and selection of g in the closure can be substituted.

val empty : t
val compose : earlier:t -> later:t -> t

Composition of two freshenings.

val apply_closure_id : t -> Closure_id.t -> Closure_id.t

Freshen a closure ID based on the given renaming. The same ID is returned if the renaming does not affect it. If dealing with approximations, you probably want to use Simple_value_approx.freshen_and_check_closure_id instead of this function.

val apply_var_within_closure : t -> Var_within_closure.t -> Var_within_closure.t

Like apply_closure_id, but for variables within closures.

val print : Format.formatter -> t -> unit

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