package ocaml-base-compiler

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Common compilation pipeline between bytecode and native.


type info = {
  1. source_file : string;
  2. module_name : string;
  3. output_prefix : string;
  4. env : Env.t;
  5. ppf_dump : Format.formatter;
  6. tool_name : string;
  7. native : bool;

Information needed to compile a file.

val with_info : native:bool -> tool_name:string -> source_file:string -> output_prefix:string -> dump_ext:string -> (info -> 'a) -> 'a

with_info ~native ~tool_name ~source_file ~output_prefix ~dump_ext k invokes its continuation k with an info structure built from its input, after initializing various global variables. This info structure and the initialized global state are not valid anymore after the continuation returns.

Due to current implementation limitations in the compiler, it is unsafe to try to compile several distinct compilation units by calling with_info several times.


val parse_intf : info -> Parsetree.signature

parse_intf info parses an interface (usually an .mli file).

val typecheck_intf : info -> Parsetree.signature -> Typedtree.signature

typecheck_intf info parsetree typechecks an interface and returns the typedtree of the associated signature.

val emit_signature : info -> Parsetree.signature -> Typedtree.signature -> unit

emit_signature info parsetree typedtree emits the .cmi file containing the given signature.

val interface : info -> unit

The complete compilation pipeline for interfaces.


val parse_impl : info -> Parsetree.structure

parse_impl info parses an implementation (usually an .ml file).

typecheck_impl info parsetree typechecks an implementation and returns the typedtree of the associated module, along with a coercion against its public interface.

val implementation : info -> backend:(info -> (Typedtree.structure * Typedtree.module_coercion) -> unit) -> unit

The complete compilation pipeline for implementations.

Build artifacts

val cmo : info -> string
val cmx : info -> string
val obj : info -> string
val annot : info -> string

Return the filename of some compiler build artifacts associated with the file being compiled.


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