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Module type
Class type



module Subrange : sig ... end
module Range : sig ... end
type t

The type holding information on computed ranges.

val empty : t

A value of type t that holds no range information.

val create : Linear.fundecl -> t * Linear.fundecl

Compute ranges for the code in the given linearized function declaration, returning the ranges as a value of type t and the rewritten code that must go forward for emission.

val iter : t -> f:(S.Index.t -> Range.t -> unit) -> unit

Iterate through ranges. Each range is associated with an index.

val fold : t -> init:'a -> f:('a -> S.Index.t -> Range.t -> 'a) -> 'a

Like iter, but a fold.

val find : t -> S.Index.t -> Range.t

Find the range for the given index, or raise an exception.

val all_indexes : t -> S.Index.Set.t

All indexes for which the given value of type t contains ranges.

val rewrite_labels_and_remove_empty_subranges_and_ranges : t -> env:int Numbers.Int.Map.t -> t

An internal function used by Coalesce_labels. The env should come from Coalesce_labels.fundecl.