package ocaml-base-compiler

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Module type
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Rewrite paths for reproducible builds

Warning: this module is unstable and part of compiler-libs.

type path = string
type path_prefix = string
type error_message = string
val encode_prefix : path_prefix -> string
val decode_prefix : string -> (path_prefix, error_message) result
type pair = {
  1. target : path_prefix;
  2. source : path_prefix;
val encode_pair : pair -> string
val decode_pair : string -> (pair, error_message) result
type map = pair option list
val encode_map : map -> string
val decode_map : string -> (map, error_message) result
val rewrite_opt : map -> path -> path option

rewrite_opt map path tries to find a source in map that is a prefix of the input path. If it succeeds, it replaces this prefix with the corresponding target. If it fails, it just returns None.

val rewrite : map -> path -> path