package octez-crawler

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Module type
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This module defines functions that emit the events used by the layer 1 chain (see Layer_1).

val starting : name:string -> unit Lwt.t
val stopping : name:string -> unit Lwt.t
val connection_lost : name:string -> unit Lwt.t

Emits the event that the connection to the Tezos node has been lost.

val cannot_connect : name:string -> count:int -> Tezos_base.TzPervasives.tztrace -> unit Lwt.t

cannot_connect ~count error emits the event that the rollup node cannot connect to the Tezos node because of error for the count's time.

val wait_reconnect : name:string -> float -> unit Lwt.t

wait_reconnect delay emits the event that the rollup will wait delay seconds before attempting to reconnect to the Tezos node .

val switched_new_head : name:string -> Tezos_base.TzPervasives.Block_hash.t -> int32 -> unit Lwt.t

switched_new_head hash level emits the event that the layer 1 has notified a new head with hash at some given level.


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