package opam-format

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opam-format 2.1.6


This package provides the following libraries (via ocamlobjinfo):



  • OpamPackage The package type, and package name type (name+version, values often called "nv" in the code)
  • OpamVariable OPAM variables with scope (global or module), used in "opam" package definition files in "filters"
  • OpamFormatConfig
  • OpamFormula Formulas on packages, opt. with sub-formulas on versions, and conversion functions
  • OpamRepositoryName The type for repository names
  • OpamSwitch The type for switch names
  • OpamSysPkg
  • OpamTypesBase Helper functions on the base types (from OpamTypes)
  • OpamPp Generic bidirectional transformation toolbox for parsing/printing
  • OpamInterpLexer OPAM format variable interpolation processor
  • OpamFilter Formulas on variables, as used in opam files build scripts
  • OpamFormat OPAM files syntax and conversion tools
  • OpamLineLexer A simple lexer to list of lines, which are lists of words
  • OpamFile Handles all OPAM file formats as record types and submodules, conversion to and from syntax
  • OpamPath Defines the file hierarchy in ~/.opam

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