• Fix a bug that caused --add-opam-provided and --opam-provided to be
    ignored by the solver. (#314, @NathanReb)



  • Add a --minimal-update flag to lock to generate a lockfile
    with minimum dependency changes from a previous lockfile. (#305,

  • Add command line options to complement or overwrite x-opam-monorepo-*
    fields. (#307, @NathanReb)

  • Save the lock CLI arguments in x-opam-monorepo-cli-args when generating a
    lock file. (#309, @NathanReb)



  • Do not add opam-provided packages into pin-depends and duniverse
    directories anymore, thus stop pulling packages that should be installed via
    Opam (#302, @Leonidas-from-XIV)



  • Add opam extensions x-opam-monorepo-opam-repositories and
    x-opam-monorepo-global-opam-vars to make lock fully reproducible.
    (#250, #253, @NathanReb)

  • Show an error message when the solver can't find any version that satisfies
    the requested version constraint in the user's OPAM file (#215, #248, #290

  • Allow packages to be marked as being provided by Opam and not to be pulled by
    opam-monorepo. To control this a new optional Opam file field,
    x-opam-monorepo-opam-provided is introduced. Its value is a list of package
    names that are to be excluded from being pulled (#234, @Leonidas-from-XIV)

  • Show an error message when the OCaml version of the lock file does not match
    the OCaml version of the switch (#267, #268, @Leonidas-from-XIV)

  • Generate a duniverse/ file to explain the basics of
    opam-monorepo in the vendored directory (#272, #274, @Leonidas-from-XIV)

  • Add a --prefer-cross-compile flag for the solver to select cross-compiling
    versions of packages when available. This is determined through the presence
    of the "cross-compile" tag in the opam metadata.


  • Bump lockfile version to 0.3 (#285, @NathanReb)

  • Mark packages to be pulled by opam-monorepo with the vendor variable so
    using OPAM with opam install --deps-only --locked . will not install
    packages that will be installed with opam-monorepo pull (#237,


  • Fix a bug where a package which had a single version that built with dune and got selected by the solver
    would be reported has having no version building with dune. (#245, @Leonidas-from-XIV)

  • Fix the solver so it does not select beta versions of the compiler unless
    forced to by version constraints or --ocaml-version. (#269, @NathanReb)


  • Drop support for lockfile versions 0.2 and lower (#285, @NathanReb)



  • Add a list subcommand to list the duniverse packages in the lockfile
    (#217, @samoht)


  • Only warn users about missing dune-ports repo in OPAM switch if no solution
    can be found due to packages not building with dune (#210, @Leonidas-from-XIV)

  • Rename the --repo option to --root to make it more
    straightforward that this is referring to the project root (#218, @samoht)

  • Improve the wording of the lockfile selection log (#222, @NathanReb)

  • Display the full solver error with --verbose (#229, @emillon)


  • Better errors for opam-monorepo depext, especially for non-interactive
    shells (#216, @samoht)

  • Properly detect all opam packages defined in the current repository, preventing it
    from later pulling duplicates into the duniverse if they were part of the target packages
    dependencies. (#203, @Leonidas-from-XIV)

  • Properly report missing dune-project file when trying to determine the
    to-be-genrated lockfile name (#227, @NathanReb)



  • Add a depext subcommand to install the external system dependencies listed
    in lock file (#207, @samoht)

  • Add the --keep-git-dir flag to the pull command that can be used to keep
    the [.git] directory after pulling the vendored sources. (#160, @rizo)


  • Fix tool name in generated dune file so that it does not refer to the tool as
    duniverse (#206, @emillon)



  • Fix setting OPAMROOT to accept non-default paths (#197, #198,

  • Fix a bug where opam-monorepo would erase the opam cache by upgrading
    opam-libs from 2.1~rc2 to 2.1 (#204, @NathanReb)



  • When querying the solver for the local packages, if no explicit version was
    provided, use the value of the version field in the opam files instead of the
    default zdev if it is defined (#183, @emillon)

  • Add a -l/--lockfile command line option to explicitly set the lockfile
    to use or generate in pull or lock (#163, @NathanReb)

  • Honor pin-depends field in opam files. When present, these will be used by
    the solver (#153, #159, #167, @rizo, @TheLortex, @NathanReb).


  • Improve lock performance (about 2x faster) by loading the repository state
    only once (#188, #192, @emillon)

  • Fix a bug where the dune-project parsing in the pull command would fail
    if it used CRLF for new lines. (#191, @NathanReb)

  • Simply warn instead of exiting when the dune-project file can't be parsed
    by pull as it only use it to suggest updating the lang version for
    convenience (#191, @NathanReb)

  • Fix a bug where pull and lock would expect the lockfile to sit in a
    different place and pull would fail. pull now simply looks for a
    .opam.locked file and pulls it unless there are multiple matching files in
    the repository's root. (#163, @NathanReb)

  • Fix failure when a package is pinned to a specific commit. lock now skips
    resolution when the ref is actually a commit pointed by a remote branch or
    when it looks like a commit (hexadecimal characters only, at least 7
    characters-long). (#195, fixes #127, @TheLortex)



  • Fix compat with opam 2.1.0~rc2 by upgrading vendored opam libs



  • Add --ocaml-version argument to lock: it allows to determine the ocaml version in the
    lockfile that's being generated (#161, @pitag-ha)


  • Exclude packages depending on jbuilder from the lock step. Since dune 2.0, jbuild files are
    not supported. A new --allow-jbuilder option have been added to enable the old behavior.

  • Recognize packages with an optional dependency on dune as building with dune. This allows
    opam-monorepo to rightfully recognize opam-file-format latest versions as building with
    dune. (#176, @NathanReb)

  • Only print the full list of selected root packages once and only in verbose mode, simply printing
    the number in the default logs. (#173, @NathanReb)

  • Improve the solving process so it only accepts base-compilers unless one explicitly requires
    a compiler variant, either directly or using ocaml-option-* packages. (#178, @NathanReb)


  • Fix the default branch mechanism when the opam remote starts with git+https (#166, @TheLortex)

  • Fix a log that was still refering to the old tool name duniverse (#158, @rizo)

  • Improve how the default branch for a git repository is queried, fixing a bug
    where opam-monorepo wouldn't work outside of of git repo and a bug where it wouldn't
    work on non-english systems. (#157, fixes #114, @TheLortex)



  • Fix --recurse-opam option for the monorepo lock phase: correctly perform special directory
    filtering, add an error message when two versions of the same package opam file exist in the
    source tree, perform package name filtering before checking for uniqueness (#151, @TheLortex)



  • Include transitive depexts in the lockfile (#144, @NathanReb)


Initial release