Instrumentation for
Library opentelemetry
val service_name : string ref

Main service name metadata

val service_namespace : string option ref

Namespace for the service

val service_instance_id : string option ref

Unique identifier for the service

val instrumentation_library : Proto.Common.instrumentation_library
val global_attributes : Proto.Common.key_value list ref

Global attributes, initially set via OTEL_RESOURCE_ATTRIBUTES and modifiable by the user code. They will be attached to each outgoing metrics/traces.

val add_global_attribute : string -> value -> unit

Add a global attribute

val merge_global_attributes_ : Proto.Common.key_value list -> Proto.Common.key_value list
val mk_attributes : ?service_name:string -> ?attrs: (string * [< `Bool of bool | `Int of int | `None | `String of string ]) list -> unit -> Proto.Common.key_value list